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Use iPrint with Personal Computers Off Campus

You can download the drivers, send print files,or print jobs - by connecting to the UNCW network with a VPN connection.

Download drivers and instructions to use iPrint with personal computers.

Double-Sided B&W Printing

In keeping with the UNCW sustainability effort, all iPrint black-and-white printing from UNCW computers will default to double-sided printing (i.e., printing on both sides of a sheet of paper). Each side is considered one page (8 cents); therefore, one sheet (with two printed pages) will cost 16 cents.

If you are required to print single-sided, simply select the single-sided printer from the File/Printer drop-down menu when submitting the document.

Color printing will remain single-sided at 40 cents per page.


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Environmental Statement

In support of UNCW’s commitment to sound environmental stewardship, iPrint encourages responsible printing in order to reduce costs and waste.

Self-Help Printing Tips Checklist

  • Make sure you accurately type in your username at the computer. Otherwise, you will not be able to retrieve your documents, and you will need to send the print job to the printer again.
  • Before printing, we recommend that you save your print file to a flash drive or your “Timmy File Server” folder in the event you need to retrieve or reprint your job at a later date.
  • Make sure you are printing the correct document!
  • Before you press “Print,” be sure you look in the description column on the release station screen to identify the correct name for the document you wish to print.
  • More than one document can be selected and released at a time.
  • Use “Print Preview” to review the document and number of pages in the document before printing.
  • If your free prints have been used, please make sure that you have money in your Seahawk Buck$ account. iPrint will debit your Seahawk Buck$ account for all remaining prints made.
  • Your card is debited as soon as you release the job to the printer. If you accidentally release the incorrect document(s), there is no way to stop printing and debiting your card.
  • If you submit a document for printing and decide later that you no longer wish to print it, you may delete the document from any iPrint release station. Any document(s) left in the print queue longer than 24 hours will be deleted automatically.

When you may need iPrint Assistance

Printer is out of toner/paper
Each iPrint printer will be checked daily by iPrint staff. On the rare occasion that you should find a printer out of paper or toner:
  1. Contact the lab worker.
  2. If the lab is unstaffed, please call the iPrint office at 962-3697.

The print job is damaged or smudged due to a mechanical problem
Bring these copies within 48 business hours to the iPrint Business Center.

Paper is jammed in the printer
Please contact the lab worker to clear the jam. If you are in an unstaffed lab, you may attempt to clear the jam yourself by following the directions on the console, or you can call the iPrint office at 962-3697.

You have released the wrong print job at the release station, or the document is formatted incorrectly
You will still be charged for that job. If the document is being printed using your free pages, it will go against that balance. If you have used your free pages, your card will be debited. It is your responsibility to check your document before you release it to the printer.

You encounter printer problems or malfunctions and wish a refund or credit

Credits are allowed for the following reasons:

  • Lost prints due to paper jams
  • Low toner (Bring pages to the iPrint Business Center for a refund.)
  • Damaged or smudged prints due to a printer mechanical problem (Bring damaged pages to the iPrint Business Center for a refund.)
  • Released but not printed pages

Credits will NOT be given for:

  • Choosing the wrong printer
  • Printing the wrong document
  • Printing too many pages
  • Misspelled words
  • Wrong page numbers
  • Any other user-induced errors

I need to know how to request a credit
E-mail iPrint ( Include your name, student ID, phone number, date and time, and iPrint location where the problem occurred.

IMPORTANT: Computer lab operators and staff cannot refund your money or reprint the documents involved!

Credits must be applied for within two business days.

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