What Does It Take to Get Your Print Project Completed From Start to Finish?

There are many things that have to happen before you can get your print project completed and delivered on time for your event. The topics below are what you need to know in order to successfully complete your next printing project.

""University Relations (UR)
This is your first step in the process of getting your printed piece started. UR will work with you to determine several key things that will help you reach your ultimate goal. UR will provide design services to create that perfect printed piece for your program. Once this is completed, UR will hand off your printed piece to Printing Services for printing.

"" Budgets
Knowing how much a project will cost is not an exact science. There are many variables to consider when submitting your job. Communication with Printing Services and UR is crucial to receiving the most accurate estimate possible. Remember, it is an estimate, and we will do our best to stay within that estimated price with your help.

"" Planning Your Timeline
Because each job is unique, each deadline will be set accordingly. Generally, small jobs can be delivered within 1 to 2 weeks from the time UR delivers the final design file to the Print Shop. When possible, your print job will be completed sooner. It is important to plan ahead; and while you are in the planning stages of your project, you can contact us to get a general timeline on what to expect during production. Remember, we are here to help you get the best value and quality product delivered in a timely manner. Quality work cannot always happen in a rush.

Be careful not to give vague dates on when you need your projects. ASAP is not a deadline - it means "as soon as possible", and can be interpreted differently. Consideration of the complexity of your print order will affect the deadline or delivery date, especially if there are added services such as embossing or diecutting. Working with the Printing Service customer service specialist and UR, communicating your needs will eliminate most surprises. Make sure whoever is responsible for checking the proofs or editing knows the deadline too. If printing and UR deadlines for returning information are missed, your ultimate deadline could be in jeopardy. We will try to keep it on schedule, and sometimes we can make up the difference in other areas depending on the circumstances.

""Rush Work
We can rush jobs within reason. Depending on the current workload and commitments, rush work may not always be allowed. So please plan ahead. Also remember, if you request a rushed or tight deadline, it is your responsibility to comply with the timeline that has been agreed to by Printing Services and you, the customer.

""Proofing Your Projects
Proofing should be done CAREFULLY! It is a joint responsibility, and we strive to help you check all content and elements of your printed project. When reviewing your proof, please DO NOT use pencil or black ink when marking corrections. If we can't see your marks, you run the risk we'll miss them. Please use a RED pen or highlight the area needing correction with a highlighter. If complex revisions are required, they can be discussed with someone in the prepress area as well as the CSR with whom you are working.

Proof for the Following :

Proof Types and Descriptions:

Revisions play an important part in the final price of the project. Making sure you supply us with the FINAL version to start with will help reduce the number of revisions you may encounter. Please note that you will be charged for each time your project goes out on proof. PROOF READ CAREFULLY on your first proof to avoid alteration/revision charges. Also keep in mind that the final proof you receive prior to print is not the time to proof fine details. If changes are made at this point, the delivery of your final piece will be delayed.

""Delivery Vs. Pickup
Printing Services can deliver your final piece directly to your office or to the on-campus mail office for mailing, or you can pick it up at the Print Shop or at the iPrint Business Center.

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