Featured Speaker

Dr. Chris Dietrich, "Energy Crisis: Oil and Decolonization in the Twentieth Century," Thursday, 22 Oct, at 7:30 in the Burney Center.

Post-Sherman Lecture Panel, Friday, 23 Oct, at 10am-12pm in Lumina Theater


Chairs and Program Directors: Please submit this demonstration of need form along with ALL University Studies course proposals during the 2015-16 academic year.

Deadline: 4 September 2015


Dates announced for Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 Information Literacy exam:

  • Friday, November 6, 1-4
  • Friday, November 13, 1-4
  • Friday, April 1, 1-4
  • Friday, April 8, 1-4

All exams will be proctored in RL 1039.

More details about the exam here.


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Dr. Cara Cilano at

University Studies is excited to co-host the Year of Thinking Critically about Critical Thinking!

SOON: Dr. Chris Dietrich, "Energy Crisis: Oil and Decolonization in the Twentieth Century," Thursday, 22 October, at 7:30 in the Burney Center.

Post-Lecture Faculty Panel, Friday, 23 October, at 10am-12pm in Lumina Theater.

CHALLENGE!!: “The Year of Critical Thinking about Critical Thinking” initiative, which is co-sponsoring the Sherman Events, is challenging students in this class to come up with a great question to be asked at the panel discussion after the Sherman lecture to be held Friday morning, where the speaker and a panel of experts discuss lecture themes. We’ll have students at Thursday night’s lecture handing out and then collecting “question forms” and we’ll make sure the best ones get asked at the forum--and that the classes they come out of are honored for their questioning abilities! Come to the Friday panel as a class and see if your questions get asked—or ask them yourselves!

LATER: Br. Guy Consulmagno, PhD, "Big Bang Cosmology and Divine Creation," Thursday, 5 November, at 7 in Keenan Auditorium.

Larry Chester, "Thinking Skills: How to Recognize and Resolve Critical Issues," Monday, 9 November, at 6pm in the Warwick Center Ballroom.


Begin Your Journey of Learning!

The University Studies general education program at UNCW encourages students to begin a life-long journey of engaged inquiry and societal contribution. As a consciously integrated component of each student's overall undergraduate educational experience, the program reflects our institution's fundamental commitment to fostering ethical and intellectual development and to promoting the growth of well-informed, creative, literate members of society. All University Studies components align with UNCW's Eight Learning Goals.

The University Studies program first establishes the basis of an essential liberal education through a multi-faceted exploration of our diverse intellectual heritage. As it extends through each student's educational career, the University Studies program builds upon this foundation through a course of study designed to cultivate the skills and capacities students require to respond to and anticipate the complexities of modern citizenship in an inclusive and creative manner.

University Studies Curriculum

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