Upperman African American Cultural Center


Excellence Project Coordinator


Brandon Bell, Excellence Project Coordinator

Brandon Bell is a two time alum of UNC Wilmington (2011, 2014) with a bachelor's degree in Sociology and a Master's Degree in Higher Education Administration. Serving as the Excellence Project Coordinator, Brandon oversees the academic excellence campaign of the Upperman African American Cultural Center with a cohort of 60 students. He supervises a staff of eleven peer mentors and implements the academic and leadership development programs for the students. Brandon's professional strengths lie in academic advising and mentoring, program development, crisis management and intervention, identity development, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Current Peer Mentors


John Quintero
Year: Senior
Major: Biology

John also has aspirations of becoming an elite healthcare provider in physical therapy due to his passion of developing others through their physical wellness. As John continues to strive for that goal, he plans to obtain his personal trainer's certification. John is heavily equipped with an athletic mindset and enjoys engaging in competitive sports such as baseball, basketball, and football.


Ashley Hinds
Year: Junior
Major: Public Health Studies

Ashley loves to be involved on campus with an emphasis on working with first, second year, and transfer students. Ashley balances her schoolwork, her job with UNCW Campus Life, and her responsibilities with Transition Programs as an Orientation Leader on a day-to-day basis. With aspirations of creating and making healthcare initiatives in the Corporate Wellness field, she plans to pursue her master's degree in Business Management. .


Jamiel Shipman
Year: Junior
Major: Psychology

Jamiel originally came to UNCW with an interest in marine biology but once she took Intro to Psychology that all changed. Her ultimate goal with a degree in psychology would be to one day open up my own practice specializing in either child psychology or relationship therapy. On campus, she works as a lobby desk receptionist for the Student Rec Center, a Seahawk Link with the Transition Programs office, and a My Stand Mentor through the CARE office.


Breyon Johnson
Year: Senior
Major: Information Technology

Breyon is a hardworking and diligent student. He likes to take time out of his day to exercise and play sports such as basketball and baseball. Upon completing his undergraduate career, he has aspirations to pursue a Master's degree in business management. I love technology and I believe combining that with a degree in business will make me a very versatile person in the work force.


Charla Jeffries
Year: Senior
Major: Business Adminstration

I have a passion for learning and in my spare time I enjoy playing sports and exercising. I enjoy interacting with new people and helping others. When I complete my undergraduate career I plan to find a job in my field, and in a couple of years return for my masters. With my concentration in human resources I want to be able to work within an organization as a generalist, and then focus on team building.

ConnorConnor Smith
Year: Senior
Major: Communication Studies

This upcoming school year will mark Connor's third year as a peer mentor and he excited to work with the program as it continues to evolve. He is also president of the Black Student Union, a student organization with educational and social programming focused on black culture. After college, Connor plans to develop content and social media campaigns for entertainment companies such as BuzzFeed and MTV, and eventually become an entertainment personality.

AshleyAnastasia Forte
Year: Junior
Major: Criminology

Using the information she learns through criminological and sociological theories and learning about human behavior, Anastasia plans to go to graduate school to pursue her Master of Education. She aspires to have an administrative role in colleges and universities. As Vice President of the Black Student Union, she uses her passions for the African American identity to help African American Students find themselves and grow within their community.


Jorey Stanley
Year: Junior
Major: Environmental Studies

Jorey works towards keeping herself well-rounded through a variety of activities both on and off campus. It is her hope to pursue a career in the future in which she can combine her passion for the environment and social justice to serve others and create a more sustainable world. Jorey works on campus as both a group exercise instructor and fitness attendant at the UNCW Recreational Center.


Temira Rountree
Year: Senior
Major: Social Work

As a Social Work major and minor in psychology, she plans to advocate and provide case management for military veterans. A passionate and dedicated student, she has served in the U.S. Naval Reserves for over four years. On campus she serves as the Chair of the Academic Honor Board as well as the Student Conduct Board. Temira is the President of the Pi Nu chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.