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Web Content Manager Training

  • Log in to mySeaport
  • Click SkillPort CBT
  • Click Browse the Library
  • Select UNCW Content Manager Training

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Questions and Answers From the Class

Can I give my students access?

Graduate students, yes. Undergraduates only on the test or student server. They all will have to complete the Web Content Manager training if they are to use the official templates.

Can I set up Contribute to send a request to the content manager for draft approval and publishing?

Yes. Send a request via the TAC. In fact, this is recommended!

Can we create sub-folders?

Yes. You might want to put an image folder inside the sub-folder to speed up image loading. Just send us a request via the TAC.

Can we use videos?

Yes. Put in a request via the TAC. The university's media server will host your video, and we will show you how to embed it. ITSD also has equipment you may use to edit your video.

Can pictures be changed?

Yes. Go through University Relations to create a slide show and the images for it, but each content manager will be able to change static images. Be sure to create a descriptive ALT tag for each.

Is there a legal requirement for retaining web folders/archives?

Follow university or departmental policies regarding accessing and retention of documents. In any event, store these documents in a place other than the web server.

Can we use colored text, even when using the template?

No, there should be no need. The associated style sheet determines the appearance of text, ensuring a consistent look and feel throughout the website. You may choose from the available styles, keeping the page structure in mind.

When do I need to give photo credits?

All photos are assumed to belong to UNCW unless otherwise indicated. If you have photos from someplace else, you need to give photo credit. Also, if using licensed images, you must give credit as specified by the owner of the copyright. You may not use images you "found" on the internet, or hotlinks. You should possess written permission for the use of all non-UNCW images.

Can I put a link to a book I wrote and am selling?

No. You may not use university or state-owned resources for personal gain. This includes all computing and web resources.

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