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Congratulations to David Hoxie, '06, '08M
who was randomly selected to name a sandwich on campus

Daves Fave

David Hoxie got his undergraduate degree in business administration in 2006 and his masters in accountancy in 2008. He and his wife, Sarah (who is also a UNCW alum) live in Greensboro where they often attend alumni events.

Q: What are some of your favorite memories at UNCW?
A: Breakfast at Wag: love those omelets. Being an orientation leader was a lot of fun too. I enjoy sharing my love of UNCW and getting other students excited about it as well. I also remember lots of fun at UNCW sports as well. Rooting for the Seahawks was always a blast.

Q: How have you stayed connected to UNCW since graduation?
A: I regularly attend alumni functions in the triad area where I live. It is fun to see people of all ages who share the love for UNCW.  I also try to go to sporting events both in Wilmington and when teams play near my home.

Q: Why do you believe in giving back to UNCW?
A: I am proud of my degrees from UNCW. I am willing to do anything possible to help further the prestige of those degrees. Giving back to the school provides resources to current and future students. If UNCW can attract and graduate stronger students then my own degrees look better down the road. I view giving back as investing in myself almost as much as it is an investment in UNCW.

I was pretty heavily involved in campus during my time there so it just feels natural for me to try and remain connected.

Q: What would you say to encourage other alumni to give back?
A: Every little bit does count, and there is strength in numbers. It may sound like a cliché but I believe that if everyone does a little it adds up to a lot. I would also encourage alumni to inquire about gift matching opportunities and try to maximize those. I didn't know about my employer’s policy until recently, and that definitely motivated me as well. I just hope all alumni take pride in UNCW and do their best to support the school and make it better for those who follow us.

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