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Xin LU

Lu excels in role as leading mathematician

Statistically speaking, mathematicians of Chinese descent are well represented in research and scholarship, but few tend to occupy leadership positions in the field. UNCW’s Xin Lu has been working for more than a decade to reverse those statistics.


Travel Around Russia

Lecturer promotes Russian culture in Wilmington

For Russian native Roza Starodubtseva, expanding cultural opportunities is important for students of all ages. However, a program she started for children in grades 7-12, called Travel Around Russia, is in danger of ending due to lack of funding.


Fred Bingham- Operation Aquarius

Measuring the Immeasurable
Professor Fred Bingham of UNCW’s physics and physical oceanography department has partnered with NASA to track the movement of water around the globe with the help of the space satellite, Aquarius.


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A Look Back at Top Research Stories of 2013

front cover of 13 of 13




UNCW professors focus research on the brain - Star News
Weighing only 3 pounds and packing 100 billion neurons, the human brain inspires awe, and for some a focus for research. In 2013, three professors at UNCW pursued different research projects that have ramifications for the brain in infants, young adults and seniors.


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