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Axial Seamount

First-of-its-Kind Model Forecasted Recent Underwater Volcanic Eruptions
In September 2014, Scott Nooner, assistant professor at UNCW, and
Bill Chadwick
, adjunct professor at Oregon State University, forecasted underwater volcano Axial Seamount would erupt in 2015. Located about 300 miles off the coast of Oregon and Washington, it now appears to be doing just that.


beach photo

UNCW, Duke and Ohio State determine correlation between property values and beach nourishment measures
A groundbreaking collaboration between the University of North Carolina Wilmington, Duke University and Ohio State University fuses physics, economics and oceanography toward quantifying the correlation between property values and beach nourishment measures—in other words, what would happen to property values if federal beach nourishment subsidies were to end.


Jospeh Pawlik

A Troubled Relationship: Sponges, Corals and Overfishing

Joseph Pawlik, of UNCW’s Marine Biology department, has completed an unprecedented study of marine life that’s spanned over 25 years of research across 12 countries and their surrounding waters.


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