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Herbert & Sylvia Fisher Student Center

University Program Endowments

Academic excellence is the hallmark of the UNCW experience. The quality and distinction of the academic experience at UNCW guides our daily decisions and inspires our future endeavors. Brilliant students choose UNCW to challenge their own abilities. Outstanding faculty choose UNCW for the inspiration of teaching such students and for the excitement of leading them on the journey of discovery through research.

Our signature programs such as biology and marine biology, creative writing, and film studies distinguish UNCW and bring distinction to our academic traditions. We must continue to invest in these gems while finding the funds to launch new initiatives to elevate other outstanding programs.

Cameron School of Business

Cameron Business School Endowment

Established in 1982 by Daniel D. Cameron and Bruce Barclay Cameron, Jr., earnings from this endowment promote and develop the business school at UNCW.

Cameron Executive Network Mentoring Award

The Cameron Executive Network Mentoring Award was created as an ongoing departmental award in the Cameron School of Business. The award was created by Joyce D. Arnette, to honor those who honored her as their Program Administrator upon her retirement. These awards are intended to support students in the Cameron School of Business.

Ernst & Young Fund for Excellence in Accounting Education

The purpose of the fund is to promote educational excellence in accounting at the Cameron School of Business Department of Accountancy.

H. David and Diane Swain Center for Business and Economic Services Endowment

Established by H. David and Diane Swain, the fund will be used to support the Center for Business and Economic Services, the business research and outreach division for the Cameron School of Business.

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College of Arts & Sciences

Biology and Marine Biology
Agios Isidoros, Louis & Artemis Cotses, and Tommy Cotses Mariculture Fund

The fund was created by Tommy L. Cotses in memory of his parents, Louis and Artemis Cotses and to honor the Cotses family legacy of supporting education. The fund is intended to provide support for the study of mariculture at UNCW.

William E. Sisson Marine Science Endowment

This endowment supports marine science research activities by the Center for Marine Science.

Chemistry and BioChemistry
Will S. DeLoach Chemistry Fund

This fund was established to provide cash awards for students who receive the outstanding Chemistry student awards, to support faculty and student research in chemistry and scholarships for academically outstanding students in chemistry.

R.B. and F.B.C. Chemistry Department Trust Fund Endowment

The endowment was established to provide a permanent source of annual funds to support the Department of Chemistry at UNCW.

Mimi Cunningham Speaker Series Endowment

This fund was established by the Department of Communication Studies in honor of Mimi Cunningham's dedicated years of service. Mimi and her husband Tom support the endowment. This initiative will bring to campus individuals who specialize in a communication area represented in the department's diverse program.

Creative Writing
Katherine K. Buckner Presentation Series Endowment

The endowment is created by Charles F. Green to support an annual presentation series from a distinguished scholar in literature or a distinguished creative writer.

Charles F. Green, III Support Fund for English

The fund was created by Charles F. Green, III, to support the advancement of the Department of English at UNCW. It is intended to provide support for the study of English at UNCW.

Susan P. McCaffray History Faculty Research Endowment

Established by Dr. Lisa Pollard, a long time member of the UNCW faculty in the Department of History, its purpose is to provide funds for faculty research in the Department of History, to include travel, conferences, supplies, and other items related to research needs.

Beckwith Endowment for Music

The Beckwith Endowment for Music is created by Barbara Beckwith Dobo in memory of her mother, Sabre Elizabeth Beckwith and her grandmother, Rachel F. Beckwith. This fund will be used to support the Department of Music at UNCW and will provide both scholarship support for music students as well as unrestricted funds.

Department of Music Jazz Festival Endowment

Established in memory of Gunther Skiba by his wife, Ann Sherman-Skiba, in honor of his love for jazz and enthusiasm for the music program at the university. Funds accrued will be used for the sole purpose of supporting the Department's annual Jazz Festival held each spring.

Pat Hingle Guest Artist Fund

The fund was created in honor of Pat Hingle, by his friends, in recognition of his distinguished acting career and his love of the Wilmington community. Gifts to this fund will be used for expenses incurred by the Department of Theatre in attracting and compensating guest artists in theatre.

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College of Health & Human Services

School of Nursing
Marshburn Nursing Loan Fund

Established by Dr. and Mrs. Junius C. Smith to create a permanent loan fund for nursing students. The fund provides interest-free loan to students needing financial assistance to complete their tranining. Repayment of these loans allows for a revolving, permanent source of funds.

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General Endowments

Dr. Ralph W. Brauer Library Endowment

This endowment will assist the university library in supporting any operating program or new initiatives sponsored by the library. Dr. Bauer was a long-time friend and colleague of President Randall and believed that the library was the soul of a university.

Dr. Ralph W. Brauer Special Collections Endowment

This endowment was created by a bequest in Dr. Brauer's will and demonstrates his lifelong commitment and interest in the activities of Randall Library's special collection unit.

Ann Flack Boseman Art Gallery Enodwment

The Ann Flack Boseman Art Gallery Endowment was created by Mark Griffis and Dave Robertson in honor of their friend, Ann Flack Boseman. It will be used to fund programming and expenses accrued in the operation of the Art Gallery located in the University Union at UNCW.

Commercial Realty Room Endowment

The fund was created by J. Robert Fullerton, John F. Hinrichs, and Charles (Chad) A. Paul, III in recognition of their love for UNCW and the Wilmington community, their lifelong friendship with Herb and Sylvia Fisher, and in memory of Charles A. (Chuck) Paul, Jr. This fund will be used to provide support for the Division of Student Affairs.

Computer Science Robotics Camp Awards

The Computer Science Robotics Camp Awards are created as annually funded awards at UNCW. The awards are being created by Dr. Barbara Ann Greim to pay for middle school students attending the summer UNCW Robotics Camp.

Stella Doran International Studies Award

The fund is created in memory of Stella Doran by her beloved husband Edward and their son, Dr. Guy Doran. Proceeds from this fund are to be used by the Office of International Programs to help offset costs, including travel, for students studying abroad.

Ev-Henwood Fund

Established by Troy Henry, this endowment will be used to assist in making the campus enjoyable and functional for the ecological research, nature appreciation, and observation and other related activiites.

Herbert & Sylvia Fisher Student Center Endowment

Established by devoted alumni Herbert and Sylvia Fisher, this fund will be used for student programming and expenses incurred for the operation, maintenance and augmentation of the building.

Harris Teeter Fitness Center Endowment

Established by Harris Teeter and the Dixon Foundation Inc. to support student health and welness.

Ron Johnson Program Fund

The fund is created in appreciation of Ron Johnson's many years of service to Randall Library and the UNCW campus. The fund is intended to provide receptions in Randall Library and addtionally, to assist campus student groups focusing on the activities of the campus gay community.

McEachern Life Long Speaker Series

The fund was created by Tabitha Hutaff McEachern to honor her longtime interest and involvement in public service outreach, a function of UNCW's Division of Public Service and Continuing Studies. The intent of the endowment is to provide annual earnings to assist with this lecture series.

Virginia and Derrick Sherman Emerging Scholars Lecture Series

Established by Phillip D. Sherman and Ann Sherman-Skiba in honor of their parents to create an annual lecture/seminar series to be administered and hosted by the University featuring an invited young scholar to present one or more public lectures, faculty seminars and classroom presentations on modern topics in history and international affairs.

Student Affairs Endowment

Established from the support of Parents Council members and corporate matching gifts for the purpose of supporting activities and projects within this division.

Wells Fargo Initiatives in Excellence Fund

The fund income is used to support excellence in teaching, research, learning, artisitic development and to fund new program initiatives and provide for program development in these areas.

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Watson College of Education

Dr. John Stike Education Laboratory Endowment

The endowment was created by Dr. John Stike, in honor of his mother, Betty Holden Stike, long-time UNCW faculty member in the school of education. Funds will provide annual earnings to supplement institutional programming and operation costs associated with the education laboratory operated by the Watson College of Education.

Taylor Williams Endowed Faculty Support Fund

This fund provides financial support to faculty in the Watson College of Education.

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