UNCW: Department of Anthropology

UNCW Department of Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of humans.

Anthropology is a broad and unique field, that examines humankind both scientifically and humanistically. Anthropology looks at the human experience from a holistic, cross-cultural perspective, and encompasses several different approaches. These approaches comprise the four subfields of the discipline of Anthropology in the United States: cultural anthropology, physical/biological anthropology, archaeology, and linguistics.

At UNCW, we offer an undergraduate degree in Anthropology, with three possible concentrations: cultural anthropology, physical/biological anthropology, and archaeology. Our faculty is comprised of accomplished professionals in this field, from archaeologists to forensic anthropologists.

We offer a wide range of courses at all levels, varying from Primatology (the study of primates) to Forensic Osteology, and including such courses as Culture & Gender, Human Societies, Medical Anthropology, Human Origins, Human Biological Variations, and Environmental Archaeology. Experiential learning opportunities include Archaeological Field Schools, lab courses in archaeology and osteology, and a practical internship immersion program. Advanced students can assist faculty members in original research. Our department also hosts an Anthropology Club and Lambda Alpha Honors Society. We encourage individual research, critical thinking, and creative and analytical thought processes.

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