Wagoner Hall (Dining)

Date Occupied:

  • 1989

Historical Info:

  • Wagoner Hall is named in honor of Dr. William H. Wagoner in recognition of his career in statewide education that spanned more than 40 years as a teacher, superintendent, president of Wilmington College, and Chancellor of UNCW for 21 years (1968-1990).
  • During his tenure as the first Chancellor of UNCW, Dr. Wagoner established the basic university system currently in place with the formation of Cameron School of Business, Watson School of Education, the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Nursing, and Graduate School.

Current Usage:

  • Wagoner Hall is the primary food service area for students and faculty. This facility offers RFoC ("Real Food on Campus) - a variety of cutting-edge American entrees, ethnically-inspired foods, vegetarian selections and lots more, all prepared right before your eyes.
  • The entrance to Madeline Suite, a catered dining facility suitable for meetings and special events, is located on the northeast side of Wagoner Hall.
  • WAG OUT (Wagoner To Go) and catering offices are located on the southwest side of Wagoner Hall.
Wagoner Hall
University of North Carolina at Wilmington