Fall 2012 Seminar Series

Date Day Time Location Speaker Topic
8/24 Fri. 2pm DO 103

Katelyn Schumacher
UNC Wilmington (Arbogast)

Thesis Defense: Conservation genetics of the northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus) in the central and southern Appalachians
8/31 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Stuart Borrett
UNC Wilmington
Connecting the dots: developments in ecosystem theory and applications of ecosystem network analysis
9/7 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Soroush Sadeghi
Johns Hopkins University
Gain control in the vestibular periphery through glutamate spillover
9/14 Fri. 2pm DO 103 No seminar  
9/21 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Michael Durako
UNC Wilmington
Reflections from Down Under: Bio-optical properties of Australian seagrasses
9/28 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Laura Miller
UNC Chapel Hill
The fluid dynamics of jellyfish swimming and feeding
10/5 Fri. 2pm DO 103

Dr. Elizabeth Sbrocco

National Evolutionary Synthesis Center

Climate change, ecological divergence, and species boundaries in a marine biodiversity hotspot
10/12 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Beth Hawkins
North Carolina State University

The multiple estrogen receptors in fishes as tools for studying protein evolution and engaging undergraduates in research

10/19 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Kalman Bugica
UNC Wilmington (Cahoon)

Thesis Prospectus: Biomass and productivity of surf-zone phytoplankton

10/19 Fri. 2:15pm DO 103 Maria White
UNC Wilmington (Frampton)
Thesis Prospectus: Enhancing the oncolytic potential of equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) in human glioblastoma multiforme cells
10/26 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Eric Williams
UNC Wilmington (Webster)
Thesis Prospectus: Species richness of bats (Chiroptera) along lakeshore habitats in western South Carolina
10/26 Fri. 2:15pm DO 103 Ashley Hayes
UNC Wilmington

Thesis Prospectus: Systematics of the Chrysophyceae inferred from 18S rRNA sequence and morphological data

11/2 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Will White
UNC Wilmington
Scaling up ecological interactions to set conservation priorities in marine metapopulations
11/8 Thu. 2pm DO 103 James Taylor
UNC Wilmington (Song)

Thesis Defense: Assessing the Role of Anammox in a Nitrogen Contaminated Aquifer


11/9 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dr. Zachary Long
UNC Wilmington
Scaling from individuals to ecosystems identifies causes and consequences of species diversity
11/16 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Marc Hanke
UNC Wilmington
Dissertation Prospectus: Landscape approaches to oyster reef function
11/23       No Seminar Thanksgiving Break
11/30 Fri. 2pm DO 103 Dave Hines
UNC Wilmington
Dissertation Prospectus: Impacts of sea level rise on the estuarine nitrogen cycle
12/4 Tue. 2pm DO 103 Jeremy Braude
UNC Wilmington
Thesis Defense: The Localization of Scaffolding Proteins and the Effect of Shank1 Deletion at Cochlear Afferent Synapses
12/5 Wed. 11am RL Aud Michael Echevarria
UNC Wilmington
Dissertation Prospectus: Sensory biology of the marine ciliate Favella sp.
12/6 Thu. 10am FR 2052 Brittany Garner
UNC Wilmington
(van Tuinen)
Thesis Defense: Phylogeography of an Endangered Land Snail and Conservation Implications of Population Genetic Variation and Structure
12/6 Thu. 2pm DO 103 Pedro Medina-Rosas
UNC Wilmington
Dissertation Defense: Effects of enriched CO2 and reduced pH seawater on the reef coral Acropora palmata




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