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Lawrence B. Cahoon, Professor

photoPh.D., Zoology, Duke University, Durham, NC, 1981
B.S., Biology, Washington & Lee University, Lexington, VA, 1975, summa cum laude
Dobo Hall 210 | (910) 962-3706 | 601 South College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403-5915

I am a biological oceanographer and limnologist. My basic research interests include primary production, grazing, and nutrient dynamics, and my applied research interests include various aspects of water quality analysis and remediation. One focus of my research has been the role of benthic microalgae in oceanic, estuarine, and freshwater ecosystems. I am interested in studying the basic processes regulating benthic microalgae with nutrient cycles and grazers, benthic microalgae as sources of useful natural products, and human impacts on sediment-water interface processes. I am also interested in evaluating water quality management practices in coastal areas and in the interactions of water quality with community function in estuarine habitats.

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Cahoon, L.B., K.M. Hardy, and D.M. Allen. Exploring relationships between river discharge and coastal ocean phytoplankton biomass. Validated in EcoEdNet, Nov. 9, 2009. http://esa.org/ecoed/index.php?P=FullRecord&ResourceId=84

McGee, D., R.A. Laws, and L.B. Cahoon. 2008. Live benthic diatoms from the upper continental slope: Extending the limits of marine primary production. Marine Ecology Progress Series 356:103-112.

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Cahoon, L.B., J.C. Hales, K.R. Rowland, E.S. Carey, S. Loucaides, and J.E. Nearhoof. 2006. Shellfishing closures in southwest Brunswick County, North Carolina: Septic tanks vs. storm water runoff as fecal coliform sources. J. Coastal Research 22 (2):319-327.

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