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Alina M. Szmant, Professor

Dr. Szmant in CuracaoPh.D., Biological Oceanography, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI, 1980
M.S., Marine Biology, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA, 1970
B.S., Biology, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, P.R., 1966
Myrtle Grove 1325 | (910) 962-2362 | Center for Marine Science, 5600 Marvin K. Moss Lane, Wilmington, NC 28409-5928 | szmanta@uncw.edu | http://people.uncw.edu/szmanta

My research focuses on the reproductive ecology and physiological ecology of reef corals and on nutrient dynamics in tropical coastal systems. Past studies on corals have included: coral reproductive ecology and energetics; nitrogen metabolism including exchange of nitrogenous compounds between corals and their algal endosymbionts; and calcification and skeletal formation. A present study combines laboratory and field experimentation to factors that affect coral larval settlement and recruitment dynamics. A new collaborative study is applying genomic approaches to understand in detail the establishment of the coral-algal symbiosis and other developmental processes. Click here to view my laboratory poster (pdf).

Schwarz, J.A,  P.B. Brokstein, C. Voolstra, A.Y. Terry,D.J. Miller, A. M. Szmant, M.A. Coffroth, M. Medina.  2008.  Coral Life History and Symbiosis: functional genomic resources for two reef building Caribbean corals, Acropora palmata and Montastraea faveolata.  BMC Genomics. in press.

Nugues, M. and A.M. Szmant.  2006. Coral settlement onto Halimeda opuntia: a fatal attraction to an ephemeral substrate? Coral Reefs 25:  585-591

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Swart, P.K., A.M.  Szmant,  J.W.  Porter,  R. E.  Dodge,  J. I. Tougas and J. Southam.  2005.  The isotopic composition of respired carbon dioxide in scleractinian corals: Implications for cycling of organic carbon in corals.  Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta. 69:  1495-1509.

Szmant, A.M. and M. Meadows.  2005.  Developmental changes in coral larval buoyancy and swimming behavior: Implications for dispersal and connectivity.  Proc 10th Int Coral Reef Symp.  pg. 431- 437

Severance, E.G., A.M. Szmant and D. Karl.  2004.  Microsatellite loci isolated from the Caribbean coral, Montastraea annularis.  Mol Ecol Notes 4:  74-76

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