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Certified Internship Program logoCERTIFIED INTERNSHIP PROGRAM (CIP)

Internship and Job FairThe newly designed, innovative Certified Internship Program launches in Fall 2013 and serves to provide students with a framework to enhance knowledge and experience learned in the classroom through their paid or unpaid internship experiences. It is open to students in all majors and all departments, currently enrolled at UNCW, who meet the eligibility requirements (seen below). 

The CIP will not attempt to replace credit-bearing (or “for-credit”) internships. Rather, the program targets any and all UNCW students who are seeking or have secured an internship position (fall, spring, summer, or any specified amount of time) but are not eligible (or choose not) to receive academic credit, either because they have already fulfilled their curriculum requirement relating to this experience, or for any other reason that the internship cannot or does not satisfy an academic course requirement through University Studies or an academic department.

Advanced learning will be achieved by the student through a number of exercises and assignments, including: setting intentional and appropriate learning objectives with the on-site supervisor, maintaining bi-weekly journals to process the experience, participating in virtual workshops to excel in career development, meeting with the on-site supervisor for a formal evaluation at the conclusion of the internship, and delivering a culminating presentation to highlight one’s overall learning experience.

Who should apply for the CIP?

Can you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions?

Consider the 0-Credit Certified Internship Program as a way to get the most out of your internship experience, network with other student interns, and prepare you for your career! GET CERTIFIED for your internship!

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Benefits of the CIP:

Steps to receive your CIP Certificate:

STEP 1: Eligibility (Must meet all of the 5 requirements)
  1. Participate in the CIP during the semester in which your internship will take place, and apply the semester prior.
  2. The projects and learning associated with the internship must be new for the student participating (i.e. if internship site is continued from a prior semester).
  3. GPA = 2.50 or greater, and in good academic standing at UNCW.
  4. You should complete a minimum of 50 total hours in your internship experience, over the course of 5 weeks or more.
  5. Review the following to confirm that your internship meets the criteria –

You may not participate in the Certified Internship Program (CIP) if you are receiving academic credit for the same internship experience. Please check with your academic department's internship supervisor to see if your internship is eligible for-credit. This list if found on our Internships page under "Internship Coordinators by Dept".

STEP 2: Application
  1. Fill out the registration form and send it to Mike Barugel, CIP Coordinator –
    CIP Application.
  2. You will receive a response from the CIP Coordinator within 2 business days.
  3. If you qualify, you will be sent supplemental materials and an initial meeting will be scheduled with the CIP Coordinator.
STEP 3: During Your Internship

Complete each of the following items to ensure completion of Certification Program.

  1. Workshops  - Throughout the semester in which your internship takes place, the Career Center will provide workshops (virtually or in-person in the Career Center) exclusively for CIP Interns covering some of the following topics:
    • Professionalism in the workplace
    • Working with your supervisor (learning personality & communication style)
    • Updating your résumé with your internship experience
    • Targeting your job search
    • Constructing your portfolio
  2. Internship Planning
    • Pre-reflection activity – designed to determine what you will want to get out of your internship experience
    • Internship Contract to be completed by student and employer, including setting learning outcomes and expectations with your internship site superviso
  3. Progress & Evaluation
    • Meet weekly with your on-site internship supervisor
    • Meet with the CIP Coordinator three times during your internship (beginning, midway, and end of internship) – can be done virtually if internship is not local to UNCW.
    • Evaluation - Self-Evaluation and Supervisor Evaluations completed, twice: (1) mid-point and (2) conclusion of internship.
  4. Deliverables
    • Journal assignments describing your progress, challenges, successes, and overall experience of the internship, to be reviewed by the Career Center CIP Coordinator.
    • InterviewStream Video Journal Reflection at the mid-point of the internship.
    • Thank-you Letter to employer expressing gratitude for the opportunity.
    • CIP Feedback Survey
    • 5-minute presentation summarizing internship experience at the conclusion of the semester, presented to other CIP Interns.
    • Internship Photo Contest Submission - Submit a photo of you from your internship site to the Career Center for the Internship Photo Contest for a chance to win up to $100!

Upon completion of your Certified Internship, you and your on-site supervisor will be invited to the CIP Recognition Reception to recognize all of the work performed by interns during that semester. Here you will receive your official Career Center Certified Internship Program Certificate.  Cookies and punch will be served.

Internship Resources:

UNCW Career Center Resource on Internships
Informative videos on many internship-related topics
Great resource on the workplace


"We learn by example and by direct experience because there are real limits to the adequacy of verbal instruction." --Malcolm Gladwell

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