M.S. in Chemistry Chemical Studies Option

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The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers a program of study leading to the Master of Science degree in chemistry. The objectives of this program are to give students who have an undergraduate foundation in chemistry the opportunity to engage in advanced course work, in–depth study, and independent research in order to acquire the skills of assimilating known information and generating new knowledge. These problem–solving skills provide the foundation for future contributions by the graduates in various areas of chemistry, whether they are employed, seek employment directly or choose to undertake further graduate study elsewhere.

Admission Requirements

Applicants seeking admission to the graduate program in chemistry are required to submit the following to the Graduate School:

An acceptable score on the Graduate Record Examination is expected. A bachelor‘s degree with a concentration in chemistry from an accredited college or university in this country, or its equivalent in a foreign institution based on a four–year program, is required for admission, along with a “B” average or better in chemistry courses. Admission decisions are based upon several factors, and where other indicators of success warrant, individuals who fall below the established criteria in one of the areas may be considered for admission.

Degree Requirements

Capstone/Thesis Requirements:

The chemical studies MS in chemistry option requires 36 hours of graduate study that combines a minimum of 21 hours of on-line graduate course work in chemistry with, typically,at least 9 hours of specialized graduate courses in business, education, or clinical sciences, with remaining hours approved by the student’s advisory committee.The student must successfully complete CHM 591 that consists of a comprehensive project that involves the writing of a literature-based research paper that is approved by the faculty.

Required Core Courses for Chemical Studies Option:

CHM 591 DIS/Comprehensive

Choose any six graduate courses in consultation with advisory committee. 

Current fully on-line courses include:

CHM 516 - Advanced Organic

CHM 517 - Medicinal

CHM 521 - Advanced Physical Chemistry

CHM 536 - Advanced Analytical Chemistry

CHM 545 - Inorganic Chemistry

CHM 546 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

CHM 568 - Advanced Biochemistry

CHM 585 - Industrial & Polymer Chemistry

CHM 586 - Heterocycles

CHM 590 - Chemical Education Research and Practice

Choose One of the Following Concentrations:

Choose any five of the following:

BUS 505 – Financial Accounting (2)

BUS 512 – Information Systems & Technology (2)

BUS 525 – Micro Economics (2)

BUS 535 – Corporate Financial Management (2)

BUS 540 – Marketing Decision Making (2)

BUS 559 – Management Foundations (2)

BUS 591 – Directed Independent Study (2)

Choose at least three of the following:

• MIT 500: Instructional Systems Design: Theory and Research (3 credit-hours)

• MIT 511: Multimedia Design and Production (3 credit-hours)

• MIT 531: Assessment of Learning Outcomes (3 credit-hours)

• MIT 514: Foundations of Distance Education (3 credit-hours)

• MIT 515: Web Teaching: Design and Development (3 credit-hours)

• MIT 513: Computer-Based Instruction (3 credit-hours)

• MIT 516: Instructional Video Design and Production (3 credit-hours)

• MIT 518: Managing Learning Management and Course Management Systems (3 credit-hours)

Choose any three of the following:

CLR 501 – Clinical Research Monitoring and Ethics (3)

CLR 510 – Advanced Scientific Writing & Interpreting Medical Literature (3)

CLR 515 – Epidemiology and Safety (3)

CLR 520 – Regulatory Affairs & Project Management (3)

CLR 545 – Biopharmaceutical Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Management (3)

CLR 550 – Clinical Research Trial Design & Data Management (3)

The remaining hours of coursework can be chosen from any approved graduate course, including those offered by other departments, as approved by the student‘s advisory committee.

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