Office: Dobo 242E [map]
Voice: (910) 962-3453
FAX: (910) 962-3013
E-mail: martinn

Ned H. Martin, Professor


  • A.B., cum laude with Honors in Chemistry, Denison University
  • Ph.D., Duke University

Research Area: Computational chemistry

Dr. Martin’s research focusses on quantum chemical calculations of through-space (as opposed to through-bond) NMR shielding and deshielding effects of various organic functional groups. His group’s research has shown that the traditional model for predicting such effects is incorrect, and that in some cases the effect is actually opposite that of the traditional model’s prediction. His research is funded by the Petroleum Research Foundation of the American Chemical Society. Another of his interests is developing grid computing applications for quantum chemical computations. This project involves collaborators in the departments of computer science, biological sciences, and mathematics and statistics.

Current courses

Dr. Martin teaches the second semester of Organic Chemistry (CHM 212), during the fall, spring, and summer II semesters. He also teaches an upper level undergraduate/graduate course Computational Chemistry (CHM 425/525) in the spring semester. This course has a computational lab component, and is one of the first such courses to be developed and offered in the country.

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