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Chemical reaction video by Greg Cockrell, January 2007

This is an inorganic molecule that was synthesized using a new class of preorganized ligands. This isthecrystal structureof 2,9-Di-(2'-pyridyl)-1,10-phenanthroline with cadmium. These ligands have potential uses as fluorescent sensors. This ligand for example is selective for cadmium, and could detect the presence of cadmium in an aqueous solution usingfluorescence spectroscopy.

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Past students in the Messina Group

Kevin Shuford; received Ph.D. theoretical chemistry, University of Florida at Gainesville is now a post-doc with Dr. Mark Ratner at Northwestern University. Travis S. Humble, Ph.D. theoretical chemistry, University of Washington at Seattle, now a post-doc in Germany with Dr. Wolfgang Domcke. David Terry; received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from NC-State University and is now looking for a job. David M. MacDonald is finishing up his Ph.D. at Colorado State University with Dr. Charles Henry. Meredith Parkinson is starting her Ph.D. at Wake Forest University with Dr. Karen Buchmeuller. Nolan Dean is here at UNCW working on his Masters degree with Dr. Rob Hancock. David M. Kelsey is in the middle of his quest for a Ph.D. in theoretical chemistry at UC-Berkeley, working with Dr. David Chandler.

Past students in Halkides Group

Dave Weyna made a visit to the lab in March to finish some work on a phosphonate compound that also inhibits this enzyme. Nathan Hifko got married in June of 2005 and began a dentistry practice. Steve Van Sluyter has a fellowship to pursue a Ph.D. in oenology at the University of Adelaide in Australia. David Weyna is pursuing advanced degrees at Florida Southern and Dave Loveless is at Duke Universities.

Scott Huffman, one of our MS graduates,is now faculty member at Western Carolina University.

Jenny Wright and Diana Wu both received employment at Aai Pharmaceuticals upon graduating from UNCW.

Kelly Taylor recently completed her master’s degree in marine sciences which identified a new and significant source of nutrients and organic carbon to coastal waters from sandy beach sediments. Two papers from her work are currently in prep and should make a significant contribution to marine chemistry.

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