Communication Studies

Audition Announcement

Fall 17 Audition Notice for COM 415 Performance Practicum: Ebenezer a musical adaptation by Frank Trimble. Earn 1, 2 or 3 credit hours.

Monday     August 21     6:30 - 8:30 pm      Leutze Hall 134
Tuesday    August 22     6:30 - 8:30 pm      Leutze Hall 141

actors                 costume designers             audio designers     
singers               scenic designers                 stage managers 
dancers              lighting designers               technical directors 

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Greetings from the Chair

Richard Olsen

Richard K. Olsen
Professor and Department Chair

What do entrepreneur, lawyer, minister, social media manager, pharmaceutical regulations liaison, corporate trainer, videographer and client services all have in common?  These are just a few of the many career paths our graduates have chosen.  Choice is a wonderful thing.  But, choice requires power.  So where does the power of a communication studies degree come from?

First, it comes from a fundamental need for great communication in everyday life.  The ancient Greeks figured this out very early in their efforts to create democratic rule.  Thus, arête, or the power to manage oneself well in public settings became a hallmark of a well-educated citizen.  We embrace that goal today.

Second, the power of a COM degree comes from the versatility we build into our curriculum.  Our students learn to think strategically about communication.  They become aware of the power of symbols to shape reality and grow in their ability to make effective and ethical arguments through whatever communication choices are available to them.  This foundation is great for folks who know exactly what they want to do next... and is equally appropriate for those that have no idea what’s next!

Finally, our curriculum embraces personal development as well as professional readiness.  If you are going to become a powerful communicator it is also best if you become a good person.  We are proud that many of our students engage in projects that make positive differences in the community and in their own lives.  In those projects we see the power of connecting timeless truths with cutting edge application.

If you are interested in exploring how mastering communication can foster your personal growth and professional readiness, explore our website and I think you’ll find that choosing to major in communication studies can provide you with many great choices in the years ahead.