Spring 2015 SCHEDULES

Thursday, October 09, 2014

It’s time to meet to discuss your Spring 2015 schedule. It is imperative that you meet with a PCOM advisor on-time and that you come prepared with your printer friendly degree audit and your proposed schedule. If you choose to not follow instructions, then you are jeopardizing your ability to attempt to register for classes at your scheduled time. A hold on your account only stops your registration; it does not delay your advising session.

Read this ENTIRE LETTER CAREFULLY since there are strict deadlines and procedures you must follow in order to be advised. Remember it is our responsibility to review the schedule you propose and offer advice about your progress toward the degree and the potential benefit of elective courses. It is not our responsibility to create your schedule for you.

In order to be advised, you must complete a PCOM Advising Computer Based Training module and score at least 80% BEFORE you will be advised. (Instructions about how to access the CBT are below.) If you do not complete the CBT before you come to be advised, you will be turned away. Note the dates in the CBT regarding advising are only examples the correct advising dates are below. The CBT has been updated – you must take it again this semester if you took it last semester and print a new certificate.

When you come to be advised, you are responsible for bringing all of the following items:

Consult “Search for Courses” on SeaNet prior to making your list of courses; do not rely on your catalogue, as not all courses are offered each semester. Make sure you search for courses being offered during the Spring 2015 term.

You may retrieve your degree audit by following the directions below:

  1. Uncw.edu > Current Students >SeaNet
  2. Secure Log-In > Student Services > Student Records > Degree Audit > Submit Audit
  3. Choose List All Requirements
    1. Do not choose incomplete requirements only or complete requirements only. We will not advise you if you arrive with either of these degree audits.
  4. Run Audit > View Submitted Audits
  5. Choose Most Recent Audit
  6. Choose Printer Friendly on right below GPA graph.
  7. Print the PRINTER FRIENDLY Version(if nothing happens, check your pop-up blocker settings)
    1. We will not advise you without a printed audit. Looking at your audit on your computer, tablet, phone, etc is not an option.

Visit the COM website to see a list of courses you should consider taking for the specialty area you may be interested in. The list contains courses within and outside of the department, so it is ideal for PCOM folks who may not be able to take many COM classes yet due to course restrictions. If the embedded link does not work, see the list of helpful websites at bottom of page.

Use the Advising Meeting Checklist to help you prepare for your advising session. The link for the checklist is at the bottom of this email if the embedded link did not work.

You MUST be advised during the week that corresponds with the hours you have earned toward graduation. Hours earned does NOT include the hours you are currently taking. Your earned hours are listed in the University Requirements and Limitations section on your printer friendly degree audit. If you arrive without the printed printer friendly version of your degree audit, a schedule and alternate courses, you will be required to assemble those materials before you will be advised. If you come before you are permitted to be advised, you will be asked to come back later. If you come later than your assigned week, you will wait at the end of the line until everyone assigned for that week has been advised. No exceptions will be made. Due to the large number of PCOM students, PCOM advisors cannot and will not make special arrangements to advise students outside PCOM advising hours.

Night Advising Session

In response to comments regarding long lines or having to work during advising sessions the PCOM Team is holding a night advising session this semester. Please arrive prepared with all required materials and your questions written down. If you arrive unprepared for advising you will be asked to leave and return during your scheduled week.

Total Hours You Have Earned

Week You Must Be Advised

Open to all PCOM Students

October 15
5pm – 7pm

64 hours and up

athletes, honors, or students with disability

October 20 – October 23

Up to 63 hours

October 27 – October 30

Advising hours this semester are:

Monday & Wednesday: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 2pm – 4pm

Tuesday & Thursday: 1pm – 4pm

Any of us can advise you, but all of us will not be advising every day. We do not make appointments -- advising is on a first come, first served basis. Our offices are located in rooms 238, 239, 241 & 242 in Leutze Hall. If we are meeting with students when you arrive, please wait quietly in the hall until one of us is available. Because your advisors have other job responsibilities, this is the only time we can advise you. Please adjust your schedule accordingly and please be prepared to wait.

Waive your right to be advised - The Department of Communication Studies is committed to providing excellent advising for our students to help them maximize their learning while enrolled and to help insure timely graduation.  We expect students to be responsible and to proactively engage in problem solving.  We see advising as an integral part of those expectations.  However, if a student feels that he or she can effectively interpret the degree audit and register for classes independent of advising, that student can waive advising for one semester. The waiver is available here.

If you are currently retaking or auditing COM 105 or COM 200, you must inform your advisor so that you may be properly advised.  This status will also impact your ability to register for COM 200, 301 and 305.

COM 200 will be coded pre-requisite COM 105. If you do not earn a “B” or better in COM 105, you will be dropped from COM 200 in December. Therefore, anyone in COM 105 can register for COM 200.

COM 301 and COM 305 will be coded pre-requisite COM 200. If you do not earn a “B” or better in COM 200 you will be dropped from these classes in December.

Please remember that you cannot pre-register for most classes restricted to COM MAJORS ONLY if you are currently in COM 200. You may attempt to register for the Majors only classes in December when your status changes from PCOM to COM. When you meet with us, make sure you have your schedule planned accordingly.

To access the PCOM Advising CBT use this quick start guide. If you are NOT running Windows 8, you can begin at Step 2 of the guide by going to http://mySeaport.uncw.edu.  You may need to update your Java and turn off pop-up blockers (or permit them for that site). The CBT does require you to view two videos, and it is strongly recommended that you use the Google Chrome browser to take the CBT.  Don’t forget to print the certificate once you have scored 80% or higher so you can bring it to your advising session!  If you encounter problems with the CBT, please contact Dana Ward at wardd@uncw.edu and please allow 48 hours for a response. Remember you must take this CBT again as it has been updated. The certificate must have a current date.

If the embedded links did not work here are the websites:

Recommended Courses in Discipline Specialty Areashttp://www.uncw.edu/com/documents/specialtyareas.pdf


Advising Checklist - http://uncw.edu/com/advising/documents/advisingchecklist.pdf

PCOM CBT Instructions - http://www.uncw.edu/com/documents/pcomcbt.pdf

Advising Waiver - http://www.uncw.edu/com/advising/documents/pcomwaiver.pdf

See you soon!

The PCOM Team:

Jennifer Chin (LH 238),

Tammy Bulger (LH 239)

Dave Bollinger (LH 241)

David Pernell (LH 242)