Submissions for the Spring 2017 Showcase of Students Research and Creativity are now being accepted. Please click on this "survey" link to apply by March 15. The Showcase reception will be held Tuesday, March 28, from 4:00 to 6:00PM. Posters will be displayed Tuesday and Wednesday. More info at: http://uncw.edu/csurf/opp-oncampus.html 

The Spring 2017 "Effective Poster Making using PowerPoint" Workshop Schedule has been posted! Please email csurf@uncw.edu if you plan to attend.

CSURF has relocated to the first floor of Randall Library. Our new location is RL 1040.

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Publishing in Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Journal Prepares Students for the Future

Eight years ago, Kate Bruce, UNCW professor of psychology and director of the Honors College, became the editor-in-chief for Explorations, the journal of undergraduate research and creative activities for the state of North Carolina. This year, for volume XI of the journal, a large number of UNCW students have been published, alongside the work of students from participating universities across the state. Going through the publishing process at such a young age is, according to Bruce, an invaluable experience for future researchers.