Disability Resource Center

Requesting Accommodations

Accommodation Request Procedure for registered students:

Requests for accommodations in the academic environment must be made each semester. In order to receive accommodations, students must:

  1. Complete the Request for Accommodation form and submit the completed form to the Disability Resource Center (DRC).
  2. Pick up accommodation letters from Disability Resource Center (DRC).
  3. Present the accommodation letter to each individual course instructor and discuss with the instructor how each requested accommodation will be implemented.

Students may access the electronic version of the Request for Accommodation form below and then submit the completed form to the DRC via their UNCW email account, or, students may submit a hard copy of the completed form in person to our office. Hard copies of the Request for Accommodation forms are available on the front desk in our office.

The request for accommodation form above has been updated to include both onsite and online class accommodation requests. This form takes the place of the previous procedure of requiring students to submit separate forms.

Alternative Format Services:

Students who have requested and are approved to receive alternative format services must follow the Alternative Format Policy & Procedure (available below). Please use the appropriate Alternative Format Contract form listed below to request Alternative Format Services:

  • Alternative Format Policy & Procedure: (Word) or (PDF)
  • Alternative Format Contract (when requesting alt format from drc): (WORD) or (PDF)
  • alternative Format contract (when requesting alt format from uncw bookstore): (Word) or (PDF)


Students who request and are approved for the use of a notetaker must following the UNCW Notetaking Procedure:

Procedures for Hiring a Notetaker form: (WORD) or (PDF)

Students who would like to request assistance from course instructors in locating a notetaker, should provide instructors with the form below. This form provides guidance to instructors in assisting students in this accommodation process:

Locating a note taker assistance form: (WORD) or (PDF)

Taking a Test in the Disability Resource Center:

**Disability Resource Center will only proctor tests for students needing a quiet space or specific assistive technology.

If a test is to be taken at the Disability Resource Center (DRC), rather than in the classroom:

  • Student must reserve a space for exam proctoring 2 days in advance of the test (by calling the office at 910-962-7555 or coming into the office to schedule).
  • Student must complete the Test Accommodation Form. These forms are available in the Disability Resource Center.
  • Student must take the Test Accommodation Form to their professor/instructor to complete and return the form to DRC no less than 2 days prior to the test.
  • BE ON TIME: DRC requires faculty permission to administer exams if a student arrives more than 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment.