Bachelor of Arts in Geography

Students in Cartography Lab

The Department of Geography and Geology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in geography. Students who pursue the B.A. degree in geography may choose from a broad, flexible program that meets personal educational goals and interests, including careers and graduate study in physical or human geography, planning or applied geography.



Requirements for a B.A. degree in Geography (Catalogue link with course descriptions)


Student Learning Outcomes for the B.A. degree in Geography

1: MAP SKILLS. Students should be able to…

  • Design a map that clearly demonstrates a geographic pattern or process.
  • Read and explain information displayed on specialized thematic maps

2: RESEARCH SKILLS.  Students should be able to …

  • Collect data and information related to geographic problems
  • Critically assess the format, value, and limitations of various data and information sources.

3: ANALYTICAL SKILLS.  Students should be able to…

  • Manipulate geographic information in digital formats
  • Determine and explain how a general geographic model or concept applies to a specific place, culture, or environmental system.

4: COMMUNICATION SKILLS.  Students should be able to…

  • Deliver an oral presentation that clearly explains geographical methods and concepts.
  • Write a research paper or project report that synthesizes information from various sources to explain geographical methods and concepts.
  • Describe the methods used to address a geographical problem or issue.


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