Minor in Geospatial Technologies

Minor in Geospatial Technologies - Catalogue Year 2010-2011Whiskey Creek Land Use Map

Requirements for a Minor in Geospatial Technologies: Requires a minimum of 21 credit hours including 9-10 hours of core courses and 12 hours of electives. At least 6 hours of electives must be in courses at the 300 level or above.

Required Core Courses (9-10 credits):
GGY 215 or GGY 220, GGY 222 or STT 215, GGY 328 or EVS 281. If a student completes both GGY 215 and GGY 220, GGY 215 will count toward the core requirements and GGY 220 will count as an elective.

Electives (12 credits)
: At least 6 hours at 300-level or above selected from the following: ANT 311 (3-6 credits, but only 3 count toward the minor), BIO 366, BIOL 366, BIO 466, BIO 478, BIO 480 (1-6 credits, but only 3 count toward the minor), CSC 332, CSC 370, CSC 415, CSC 455, GGY 205, GGY 424, GGY 426, GGY 422, GLY 171, GLY 200, GLY 220, GLY 470, MIS 213, and MIS 315. Other courses may be applied toward the minor at the discretion of the Geospatial Technologies minor coordinator or the Chair of the Department of Geography and Geology.

Students must earn at least a “C” (2.00) average in courses counted toward the Geospatial Technologies minor. This minor is available for students majoring in any discipline including geography and geology. A maximum of 12 credit hours counted toward a student’s major may be applied toward completion of core or elective requirements in Geospatial Technologies.

Department of Geography and Geology Course Descriptions

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