Bachelor of Arts in Geosciences

stratigraphy? The B.A. in geosciences focuses on the scientific study of Earth; forces acting upon and within it; and the makeup and behavior of the solids, liquids, and gases comprising the planet. This program is designed for students who desire a broad liberal arts education that prepares them for careers such as environmental consulting, energy and resource management, and geosciences education. Because geology continues to become more integrative, technical and global in its approach, the B.A. degree program encourages students to develop basic proficiencies in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology, and effective oral and written communication skills including computer literacy.


Requirements for a Major in Geosciences for the B.A. Degree:

Catalogue Year 2013-2014   

45 hours. GLY 101 or GLY 120 (EVS 120) and GLYL 120 (EVSL 120) or GGY 130, GLY 205, GLY 125 or GLY 150 or GGY 230, GLY 132, GLY 390 (must be repeated once for 4 hours total), GLY 495, PHY 101 or 105 or CHM 101, MAT 111 or 115 or STT 215 or GGY 222. In addition, students must complete 18 hours of electives from courses listed below. Thirteen hours must be above the 299 level. Courses taken to meet core requirements may not count toward the elective requirement. Students must complete at least one elective course from three of the following four thematic areas:

Solid Earth Materials: GLY 201, 310, 311, 402, 416, 472, 473, GGY 437
Processes: GLY 250, 335, 431, 441, 443, 465, 470, GGY 130
Gas/Liquid: GLY 150, 226, 350, 426, 450, GGY 230, 433
Earth History and Climate: GLY 135, 240, 337, 340, 420, GGY 333, 436

In addition to the courses listed above which satisfy the elective requirements for specific thematic areas, any GLY or OCN course may be used as an elective. Selected courses in the field of physical geography (GGY 422, 424, 426, 428, 433, 435, 491, 498, or 499) may also be used as electives. A total of 6 hours of any GLY, OCN, or GGY courses listed as 491, 470, 498, or 499 may be used toward the electives.

A “C” (2.00) or better average is required on all courses taken within the department, and “C” (2.00) or better average on all required courses above the 199 level in the department.

Computer Requirement: To satisfy the computer requirement for the B.A. degree in geosciences, a student must successfully complete GLY 495.

Oral Communication Requirement: To satisfy the oral communication requirement for the B.A. degree in geosciences, a student must successfully complete GLY 495.

Applied Learning Requirement: For the B.A. degree in geosciences, completion of 4 hours of GLY 390 (2) Field Methods in Geosciences.


Student Learning Outcomes for the B.A. degree in geosciences

1: Students should understand and be able to apply the scientific method to geoscience problems

2: Students should demonstrate the ability to:

  • critically read, logically evaluate, and
  • effectively communicate data, problems, and issues in the geosciences

3:  Students should be able to identify and describe:

  • Common Earth materials
  • Processes that form and later modify basic Earth Materials
  • Key events in the evolution of the Earth

Department of Geography and Geology Course Descriptions

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