Online Course Offerings


Funding for online courses has expired.  You may sign up for courses for a fee of $99 per course through The Hill Center directly at www.hillcenter.org

Phonics - Breaking the Code

In this interactive workshop, attendees will engage in activities that will enable them to break the challenging alphabetic code for students. Participants will explore:

Study Skills for Student Success

Students with strong study skills are more likely to be successful in school. This workshop focuses on incorporating study skills into the daily classroom program. Participants will learn:

Understanding Learning Differences: An Introduction to Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders

While examining the background, definitions, red flags, and characteristics of LD and ADHD, participants will:

Diverse Learners: Meeting Individual Needs

The diversity of individual student characteristics and learning profiles can pose challenges to teachers who are charged with delivering a high quality curriculum to all students. This course will provide teachers with: