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In the age of globalization, an intimate understanding of a foreign culture is both a valuable academic asset and an enriching personal experience. As a leader in education, the Watson College of Education is dedicated to providing education students with the opportunity to work and study in schools throughout the world. International study opportunities in the WCE include:

Trips Offered:

  • Belize - March 23- May 1, 2016, Summer Session 2, November 2-December 5, 2016
  • Let's go to Belize and have the trip of a lifetime! Learn about the culture and educational lifestyle while experiencing the classroom environment and exploring the land.
  • Ethiopia - Fall 2015
  • Join students and faculty for the first ever trip to Ethiopia this fall! It will be an awesome experience filled with learning, teaching, and adventure.
  • Ireland - September 30 - October 15, 2016
  • Go to Ireland and gain exposure to the philosophy and practice of higher education in an international setting. Ride through Belfast on a bike tour of the city and see the amazing scenery of Dublin.
  • Japan - June 11 - 25, 2016
  • Experience Japanese education in a cultural context and get to observe classes and work with teachers in the Japanese public school system.
  • Kuwait - Fall 2016: November 2-30, Spring 2017: April
  • Come to Kuwait and student teach to prepare to lead diverse classrooms in the future.
  • London - Summer Session 2: July 5 - July 13, 2016
  • Take a walk through history as you explore the streets of London while you engage in classroom instruction and university settings with your British colleagues. You will shadow London's best teachers and administrators daily and enjoy your evening tea as you stroll by Big Ben and the London Bridge for an experience that will be life altering.
  • Malawi - Summer Session I 2017
  • Engage in participatory action research in schools with Malawian colleagues during the summer term.
  • South Africa - Summer Session 2
  • Learn the similiarities and differences of public education in a democratic society of South Africa. Complete leadership projects and tour the area for the full experience.

International Concentration for Elementary Education Majors

For more information, please contact:
WCE International Program Coordinator
Dr. Susan Catapano
Education Building 377
910-962-2290 Phone