Contact Information

Department Chair
Dr. Donyell Roseboro 910-962-2289
Administrative Assistant
Ms. Linda Register 910-962-7539

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Daisyane Barretto 910-962-7600
Dr. Edward Caropreso 910-962-7830
Dr. Sue-Jen Chen 910-962-7920
Dr. Vance Durrington 910-962-2741
Dr. Jeff Ertzberger 910-962-7670
Dr. David Gill 910-962-4293
Dr. Angelia Reid-Griffin 910-962-7176
Dr. Angela Housand 910-962-2649
Dr. Dennis Kubasko 910-962-3367
Dr. Allen Lynn 910-962-2483
Dr. Mahnaz Moallem 910-962-4183
Dr. Denise Ousley 910-962-7175
Dr. Eleni Pappamihiel 910-962-2746
Dr. Raymond Pastore 910-962-2912
Ms. Salena Rabidoux 910-962-7615
Dr. Donyell Roseboro 910-962-2289
Dr. Janna Robertson 910-962-4036
Dr. Marta Sánchez 910-962-7174
Dr. Robert Smith 910-962-4076
Dr. Candace Thompson 910-962-2648

Allied Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Joanne Mount Foreign Language
Dr. L.J. Randolph, Jr Foreign Language
Dr. John Bennett Health & Applied Human Sciences
Dr. Sue Combs Health & Applied Human Sciences
Dr. Steve Elliott Health & Applied Human Sciences
Dr. Daniel Johnson Music
Dr. John Rack Music
Dr. Ginger Rhodes Math
Dr. Kelli Slaten Math
Dr. Allison Toney Math

Part-time Faculty & Staff

Ms. Trina Aldrich 910-962-3369
Ms. Dorothy Dempsey 910-962-2416
Mr. Dewey Furr 910-962-7314
Mr. William Rabidoux 910-962-7314
Mr. John Rinka 910-962-7314
Ms. Kim Whitfield 910-962-7314

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