Admission Requirements for Master's Degree

Admission Requirements for Master's of Science Degree

Who Should Apply

Who Should Apply

Students admitted into the program come from diverse backgrounds such as business and industry personnel, executives, trainers, and human resource development employees; teachers and school technology coordinators; persons in the health care field; community college instructors; military training personnel; and professionals desiring a career change.

Minimum Admission Requirements

Students desiring admission into the graduate program in instructional technology must present the following:

Individuals who fall below a specified criterion (i.e., low test scores) may be admitted if other factors indicate potential for success. Individuals with identified deficiencies may be accepted provisionally with specified plans and goals for the remediation of those deficiencies. Such remediation may include a requirement of additional hours beyond those normally required for the degree. Please feel free to contact us if you have a question about this.


Students entering the program with very little or no computing experience will be required to take EDN 303, Instructional Technology, or pass the performance competencies test for EDN 303.

When & How to Apply

Students are admitted to the program each semester. The deadline for receipt of applications by the Graduate School is March 15 for Summer, May 15 for Fall, and October 15 for Spring.

Applicants are required to submit the following materials to the UNCW Graduate School Admissions Office:

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Graduate Assistantships are available and are awarded on a competitive basis each academic year. Graduate assistants are chosen from among the candidates who apply by the May 15 deadline for the Fall semester. Please contact us for more information on graduate assistantships.

Students interested in being considered for an assistantship should check the appropriate box on the application form and should submit a description of their technology skills in addition to the other application materials.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Please note that these are estimates and are subject to change at any time.  The rates give below are per semester.

Graduate Tuition and Fees - 2015-2016  (updated information is available through the UNCW Graduate School)

Hours  In-state students Out-of-state students
1-2 736.67 2,248.04
3-5 1,340.89 4,363.63
6-8 2,405.62 6,939.73
9 or more 3,415.95 9,461.42
GRC 600 Course - $212.22

Financing your graduate degree:

In addition to applying for WSE graduate assistantship and/or scholarship (more information about scholarship is available through UNCW Graduate School), there are many options available for students interested in financing their graduate education.  Listed below are sources that offer loans and special scholarship funds. 

UNCW Financial Aid - Tuition pay is a service that allows students to pay their tuition monthly rather than in a lump sum.  Refer to their web site for more information.   Scholarship sites:

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