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Office of Professional Experiences

Field Experiences

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Faculty & Staff

PET Team

Director of Professional Experiences
Ms. Cindy Wiseman
wisemanc@uncw.edu 910-962-3360
Field Experience Coordinator
Ms. Stephanie Glowa
glowas@uncw.edu 910-962-3086
Intern Experience Assistant
Ms. Logan Sidbury
sidburylm@uncw.edu 910-962-2772
Administrative Assistant
Ms. Brenda Parker
parkerb@uncw.edu 910-962-7745
Associate Dean for Teacher Education and Outreach
Dr. Ann Potts
pottsa@uncw.edu 910-962-4174


Professional Experiences Team

The Professional Experiences Team provides support for all WCE programs by organizing, managing, and reporting on all of the course-related field experiences and internships required for degrees and/or licensure. We work in collaboration with the Professional Development System to identify quality placements within our partnership districts so that students have a diverse and enriching set of field experiences during their time in WCE programs. We also maintain a database on all students currently placed in the field. In addition, we provide training and support for university supervisors working with interns, and we work directly with public school partners to manage any student issues which may arise during the course of a professional experience.

Director of Professional Experiences – Ms. Cindy Wiseman

policy issues, liaison to programs and faculty, internship and field experience interventions, termination of internships, due process, placement appeals, out-of-area placements, into-area placements, partnership teacher issues, supervisor support, internship processes, paperwork related to internship, organization and scheduling of internship-related meetings, dissemination of intern information to students and faculty, main liaison to university supervisors, supervisor training, internship-related evaluation management

Field Experience Coordinator – Ms. Stephanie Glowa

communications to public schools regarding field experience and internship placements, numbers and data related to all field experience and internship placements, field experience evaluations, maintenance of databases and websites, dissemination of field experience materials, communication with faculty regarding course field experience requirements, reporting on internships and field experiences