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Dr. Barbara Honchell
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Reading Recovery
Watson College of Education
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Welcome to Reading Recovery at the Watson College of Education

Reading Recovery® is an early intervention program for first grade children intended to significantly reduce reading failure within a school system. Reading Recovery® teachers provide one-on-one tutoring for the lowest achieving first grade children. Most of these children develop effective strategies for reading and writing and reach average levels of classroom performance within 15 to 20 weeks.

Reading Recovery® teacher leaders train teachers at the home site during their first year of teaching. Having a teacher leader is an essential requirement for a Reading Recovery® site. The following key elements of Reading Recovery® operate within educational systems:

  1. Intensive daily one-to-one instruction for first-grade children most at risk of reading failure

  2. A year-long training course and continuing professional development for Reading Recovery® teachers

  3. A research/evaluation program to monitor program results and provide technical support

  4. A long-range literacy plan to chart a course toward literacy for all children.