Iraq and afghanistan

CNN created interactive maps of U.S. troops in both war-torn countries. More details are here.

Honoring the Fallen

The military and Gannett have created this interactive site that allows people to search for those U.S. soldiers who died during the war in Iraq. The database is here.

Faces of iraq

The Washington Post has compiled bios for all of the U.S. soldiers who have died in the war in Iraq. Browse through more than 6,000 here.

map of Iraq

National Geographic has put together an zoomable map of Iraq. Here are all the major cities.

Map of afghanistan

Confused about Kabul? Lonely Planet has a map for you.

Pictured are Cpt Christopher Padgett, LT. Matthew Mason, Sgt Mark Mazzone, Spc. Andrew Everett, and Sgt. Thomas Tharrington II in Mahmudiyah, Iraq. It was taken on the stairs  in front of the Battalion HQ with the crest of the 1/120th CAB in the back ground. -- Photo by

Alumni Update

Our students in the military

These photos were taken Oct., 19, 2009, on FOB (Forward Operating Base) Mahmudiyah, Iraq.

Pictured are:

Cpt. Christopher Padgettfob

University Police Dept. Current

Student 1998-99

Lt. Matthew Mason

Alumni '07


Sgt. Mark MazzoneTank closeup

Student 2008-2009

English / Professional Writing

Spc. Andrew Everett

Student 2008-2009

General Studies

Sgt. Thomas Tharrington IISoldiers, palms

Student Senior 2008-09

Operations Management

The first pictures are taken on a Bradley Fighting Vehicle known to us as a Bradley.

The ones taken on the stairs are in front of the Battalion HQ with the crest of the 1/120th CAB in the background. Home base out of Wilmington, N.C. (by the airport).

The last ones are by a palm tree on base, trying to look as beachy as possible.

--- Sgt. Tharrington


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