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Dr. Cara Cilano accepts the Global Citizenship Award 2011 from Dr. Denise DiPuccio, Assistant Provost for International Programs. The award honors Dr. Cilano's extensive teaching and leadership in the international arena.

Office Hours

Faculty (Also available by appointment)


Abrams, Hannah MO 150   ABRAMSH
Ashe, Diana RL 2038   ASHED
Atkins, Anthony MO 154   ATKINSA
Atwill, Bill MO 126   ATWILLW
Bissette-Sumerel, Ashley MO 103D   BISSETTEE
Bond, Erin MO 134   BONDE
Boren, Mark MO 129   BORENM
Britt, Michelle MO 135   BRITTM
Bushman, Don MO 125   BUSHMAND
Cilano, Cara MO 156   CILANOC
Cosgrove, Amanda MO 103B   COSGROVEA
Cummings, Lance MO 120   CUMMINGSL
Gilbert, Tiffany MO 163   GILBERTT
Hallenbeck, Sarah MO 160   HALLENBECKS
Hemingway, Kimi MO 151 ON LEAVE FAXONK
Hodgson, Megan MO 105B   HODGSONM
Kamenish, Paula MO 155   KAMENISHP
Kontny, Jennifer MO 152   KONTNYJ
Laudadio, Nicholas MO 138   LAUDADION
Laverty, Rory MO 103A   LAVERTYR
MacLennan, Jane MO 103C   MACLENNANJ
Maddalena, Kate MO 122   MADDALENAK
Malo, Victor MO 132   MALOV
Manning, Michelle MO 121   MANNINGM
Mathews, Shirley MO 105C   MATHEWSS
Mills, Michael BR 112   MILLSM
Montwieler, Katherine MO 162   MONTWIELERK
Moore, Marlon MO 153   MOOREM
Newlin, Keith MO 131   NEWLINK
Noland, Dan MO 127   NOLANDD
Peel, Katie RL 2054   PEELK
Porco, Alex MO 130   PORCOA
Ray, Anriban MO 164   RAYAN
Reilly, Colleen MO 157   REILLYC
Schweninger, Lee MO 128   SCHWENINGERL
Smith, Noelle MO 153   SMITHN
Sweeney, Meghan MO 159   SWEENEYM
Tirrell, Jeremy MO 161   TIRRELLJ
Walker, Lewis MO 124   WALKERJ
Warfield, Rebecca MO 123   WARFIELDR
Wentworth, Mike MO 133   WENTWORTHM

Part-Time Faculty

Clifford, John MO 105A   CLIFFORDJ
Crawford, Nicholas MO 105A   CRAWFORDN


Ellerby, Janet

Gould, Christopher MO 105D   GOULDC
Howell, David MO 105A   HOWELLD
Jacob, Jessica LH 115    
James, Elizabeth MO 100A   JAMESE
Joyner, Jamie MO 250    
Hannon, Elizabeth LH 115    
Malman, Sheri MO 100A   MALMANS
Mendenhall, Nate MO 105A   MENDENHALLN
O'Hara, John LH 115   OHARA
Schmidt, Rachel N. MO 250   SCHMIDTR
Smit-Matsen, Sally MO 250   MATSENS
Temple, John LH 115  
Watson, Lynn MO 250   WATSONV


Staff Office Hours

Carlton, Donna MO 165 M-F 8:00-5:00 CARLTOND
Doniere, Karen MO 165 M-F 8:00-5:00 DONIEREK


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