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  • If you would like to share your comments please consider posting to our "Faculty Senate Budget Discussion" wiki via the ITSD Wiki program.  You must log in with your campus logon before posting to this wiki.
  • Instructions to post a new comment to the wiki:
    1. Click on the “Faculty Senate Budget Discussion” link above.
    2. This should open a new window for the wiki.
    3. Click on the “edit” tab in the wiki.
    4. Log in with your UNCW username (without the @uncw.edu) and email password.
    5. It should say you are logged in.
    6. You should be returned to the main page for the wiki  If not, click on the provided "Faculty Senate Budget Discussion" link below the confirmation that you are logged in.
    7. You should then see a new tab, labeled with a "+" sign.  Click on it to add to the discussion -- you should see a workspace with buttons like you might find in a word processing program.  Use this workspace to create your post.
    8. When you are done, you can preview your post by clicking the "Show preview" button.
    9. When you are ready to make your post public, click on the “Save page” button.
  • Instructions for viewing the discussion:
    1. Simply click on the "discussion" tab to view the posted comments.
  • For those faculty who want to participate in this discussion but who prefer to remain anonymous, please submit your comments to any Steering Committee member, who will post it for him/her anonymously on his/her behalf.