Film Studies


Film Studies Events

The following events organized, supported and promoted by the Film Studies department showcase the diverse interests and activities of the faculty and students, as well as their applied learning and community outreach initiatives.

Film Studies Media Circus

College of Arts & Sciences Open House

Film Studies Open House Media Circus

Sat, April 16, 10am-2pm
SRO Theatre
UNCW Cultural Arts Building

6 Exciting Film Activities Under One Roof!

1: Video Mixing

Visitors can live edit multiple streams of video content using special software linked to a piano-style keyboard. It's like improvising music - only with images!

2: Camera Demo

Get a load of our latest and greatest super-high-def multi-operator camera set-up. We'll let you touch it and everything.

3. 3D Movie

Watch 3-D movies made by students in Film Studies' Interactive Media course.

4. Virtual Reality

Visitors can check out the latest consumer-ready Virtual Reality and 360-degree video devices and experiences.

5. 16mm Experimental Film Loop

Some films are still made on film! Short experimental movies made by students in Film Studies' 6x1: Variations on the 1 minute film class will play on a continuous loop.

6: Student Film Montage

A sampler of the best narrative, documentary, and experimental movies made by Film Studies students over the past year will play on multiple monitors in the SRO and in the CAB lobby.