Alternative activities can lead the organization into the right direction. It is imperative to have activities that are positive and values based in the organization. Many departments on campus can provide alternative activities such as:

Providing alternative programming is not the only solution to rid your organization of hazing. Simply replacing a questionable activity with another activity does not attack the problem at its foundation. To effectively deal with hazing in your organization, you should make an aggressive effort to increase the awareness and education of your members as well as empower members to detect hazing and take corrective actions.

Hazing Alternative Resources

NCAA Team Building Resource

Teambuilding, Inc. Business Balls - Free Team Building Ideas

Bystander Intervention Rescource

Campus Recreations Challenge Course Campus Recreation Seahawk Adventures


Center for Leadership Education and Service  

You’ve seen all the highlights with the rookie hazing and haircuts. We don’t do that around here, because we don’t treat the guys like rookies. We expect those guys to play this year and to play well. - Peyton Manning

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