Break the Tradition

But what we do isn’t hazing… Some activities are easily categorized as hazing. Others may not be so easily classified. If you’re not sure about whether an activity may be hazing, consider the following questions:

A good rule to follow when deciding whether an activity is hazing is:
If you have to ask if it’s hazing, it probably is.

Steps to Break the Tradition

Awareness of Your Members

Education of Your Members

Detection of Violations by Your Members

Taking Corrective Actions

I did what I did out of a misguided sense of building brotherhood, and instead I lost a brother. I will live with the consequences of hazing for the rest of my life. My actions killed a good person, and I will be a felon for the rest of my life, and I'll have to live with that disability, but I'm alive and Matt's not.
- Gabriel Maestretti told the court in the Matt Carrington hazing trial

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