National Pan-Hellenic Council


Do You Know Your Other Greek Letters?

Do You Know Your Other Greek Letters is a program devoted to educating the UNCW campus about the 9 historically black fraternities and sororities know as "The Divine 9." The program begins with a panel discussion about the history, symbolism, and purpose of each organization. The panel discussion is then followed by a step exhibition from the organizations that are at UNCW. The overall purpose of Do You Know Your Other Greek Letters is to spread the word about NPHC organizations at UNCW.

step show

Port City Step Show

The Annual Port City Step Show is a chance for NPHC organizations to show off their stepping abilities to the campus and Wilmington community. The step show aims to bring representatives from all 9 of the NPHC Fraternities and Sororities to Kenan auditorium for a chance to win bragging rights as Wilmington's best step team for the year. The program serves as an important part of Homecoming each year by bringing in many alumni and former UNCW Greeks back to campus to see their new undergraduate members show off their performing abilities. Applications may be found here.



NPHC week is a week of programming put on by the National Pan-Hellenic Council at UNCW. The week's programs vary from year to year, but the main focus is always to promote the presence of the NPHC on campus as well as raise awareness about prominent issues in the black community.

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