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Information for Graduate Coordinators

In general, the graduate coordinator is the faculty member assigned by the dean or department chair to oversee the administrative aspects of a graduate program within the college/school or department. As a rule, coordinators will be current members of the Graduate Faculty and thus have a terminal degree in the discipline. As a graduate coordinator, you are the liaison between the graduate program and the Graduate School. You will be assisting with admissions, current student issues, registration, program changes, degree audits and graduation.

Coordinator Duties


  • Recruit perspective students.
  • Review applications and convene with the admission committee within the college/school or department.
  • Sign applications to accept or deny admission. Applications should not be help longer than 10 days.

Current Students


  • Advise students


  • Responsible for making changes and updates to program curriuclum.
  • Responsible for creating new coures.
  • Responsible for making changes and updates to current courses.
Duties include:
(pdf version)
  • Attend graduate coordinator's meetings. (Graduate Coordinator's Meeting Schedule)
  • Review application status reports provided to them by the Graduate School. Follow up with possible phone calls to applicants.
  • Oversee advising of graduate students.
  • Prepare and approve forms for transfer credit when appropriate.
  • Review and approve forms for DIS (591) credit.
  • Review and approve forms for substitutions to the degree program when appropriate.
  • Oversee thesis defense and comprehensive exam procedures.
  • Graduation
  • Oversee and approve preparation of catalogue material.
  • Oversee graduate faculty application process within the college/school or department and see that applications are signed by the academic dean and forwarded to the Graduate School for action.
  • Work with the Graduate School and Registrar's Office in preparing degree audit and making programmatic changes when necessary.
  • Oversee and approve preparation of HR 1.35 (forms for paying graduate students flat rates) and HR 1.60 for paying graduate students hourly rates.
  • Facilitate scholarship requests that come from the Graduate School. This includes the New Scholar Award, Tuition Remissions, Jane Logan Lackey Scholarship, Schwartz Graduate Fellowship, Summer Research Award, graduate student travel awards and Graduate Teaching Excellence Award.
  • Provide the following reports to the dean of the Graduate School when requested:
    • annual report on the Monitoring and Training of Graduate Teaching Assistants required by General Administration;
    • annual report of graduate students' activities;
    • request and justify teaching assistantships and tuition remission needs.
    • Prepare other reports as needed
Items to Complete:
  • Please complete the Change of Program Coordinator form and we will update our webpage with your information.
  • Please complete the Reporting Account Request Form(PDF) if you would like to have access to reporting. The administrative staff in your department may already have access and can run reports for you. (Learn about the information available to you through reporting)

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