Application Process

High school students, first semester UNCW students, rising UNCW sophomores, and transfer students should complete the online application or the paper application to the Honors College.

If you are currently a high school senior, follow these steps to ensure a complete application:

  1. Complete the UNCW Undergraduate Admissions Application using the online system. While you may apply to Honors at any time, we cannot act on your application until the Office of Admissions has made its decision.
  2. Ask a teacher who has taught you in an honors level course to write a letter of recomendation for you.
  3. Create your resume.
  4. Fill out the online application or the paper application to the Honors College.
  5. If you chose the media piece as one of your essay answers, include that with your application. Please do not send original artwork; a photo is fine!
  6. If you submit a paper application, be sure all components are in one envelope mailed to the UNCW Honors College. Your teacher letter of recommendation should be in a sealed envelope with the teacher's signature across the seal. If you would prefer, your teacher can scan and email the letter to or send it under separate cover.
  7. If you submit an online application, upload all responses except the teacher letter of recommendation; the teacher can email it to or mail it via USPS.
  8. We accept applications on a rolling basis and act on them as soon as possible once they are complete. We would like to have all applications for the Fall 2016 semester received by Honors no later than April 1 so that there is time to notify students of a decision before May 1. Also, there are limited scholarships for honors students, so the earlier you apply to Honors, the earlier you can be considered for them.

* The Honors College will obtain your test scores (SAT, ACT) and transcript from the UNCW Office of Admissions. There is no need to send a duplicate copy to the Honors College. We do look at the entire application and the letter of application, resume and essays are quite important. That being said, high school applicants often ask about typical test scores and GPA. The average SAT of our current honors freshmen is about 1950 (1300 on verbal and quantitative scales only); the average ACT composite is 29; the average weighted GPA is 4.2; and most applicants have taken at least three AP or dual-enrolled classes.

Notes About the Honors College Application Process

The online application must be completed once it is started, it cannot be saved and returned to. Be prepared to respond to the following on the online application:

---Why have you decided to apply to the UNCW Honors College? What do you hope to gain from participation in it? What do you hope to contribute to it?

---Please respond to ONE of the following.

1) One of the attributes of the Honors College is an emphasis on self-directed learning. Describe how a book that you read outside of class affected your view on science, technology, or the humanities.

2) Compare your dream job as a child to your dream job now. What changed or reinforced your goals? Please be specific.

3) Creatively show us who you are.  (If you use a medium other than text, please include a brief written description or explanation in the online application and mail the “answer” to the Honors College directly.)

You cannot check your Honors College application status online. If you are uncertain about the status of your application, please contact the Honors College at 910-962-4181 or

The Honors College will e-mail periodic reminders to applicants who are missing components of their applications.

Once your complete Honors application is received, the Honors College review team will assess all of your materials. You can expect a letter in the mail indicating your Honors College application decision. The Honors College decision letter and the UNCW decision letter are mailed separately. Letters are mailed beginning in early December and continue through the spring and summer semesters.

Current First Semester and Rising Sophomore UNCW Applicants

We encourage students who are currently at UNCW to apply to the Honors College. Fill out the online application or the paper application described above and be sure to select the appropriate status for your year in school. The only difference for you in the application process is that we ask that you obtain your letter of recommendation from a professor who has instructed you here at UNCW. Once your grades post for the semester in which you are applying, we will then be able to make an admissions decision for honors. That means all your materials need to be received by Honors (including the teacher letter of recommendation) by the last day of the semester before you hope to enroll in Honors classes.

Transfer Applicants

We encourage students transferring to UNCW to apply to the Honors College. Fill out the online application or the paper application described above and be sure to select "transfer applicant". We ask that you obtain a letter of recomendation from a professor who has instructed you at your previous university or college. Once UNCW acts on your UNCW application, we receive your completed application to Honors, and we receive complete copies of your transcript from your previous school, we will then be able to make an admissions decision for honors.

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