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Frequently asked Questions

What is the contact info for the Honors College?

UNCW Honors College
601 S. College Rd.
Wilmington, NC 28403
910.962.4181 (office) 910.962.7020 (fax) (email)

How do I apply to the Honors College?

There is a separate application for the Honors College on the Honors website. Anyone may apply. Students do not have to be invited to apply to Honors; however, we do send invitations to apply based on high test scores and high school GPA.

When should I apply to the Honors College?

We encourage all applicants to Honors to submit applications by April 1, and students who want to be considered for merit scholarships should definitely apply to Honors by April 1 (but we ask that you apply as soon as possible to be considered for admission and scholarships). Decisions are made on a rolling basis, but we cannot act on your Honors application until UNCW makes a decision on your UNCW application.

Does the application require a fee?

There is no fee to apply to Honors.

The application says that we can send a piece of our own artwork. Does it have to be the original or can it be a copy?

The artwork does not have to be an original. In fact, please send a copy because we will not be able to return any materials that you send with your application.

Are there any required test scores or minimum GPA to be considered for acceptance?

We do not pre-set a specific test score or GPA for acceptance to Honors. However, please note that the most recent Honors freshman class has an average SAT score of 1310 (Critical Reading/Math), an average ACT score of 29, and an average of 4.2 weighted high school GPA.

How many students are accepted?

We receive about 400 applications annually. The number accepted differs from year to year. For example, the Fall 2015 Honors freshman class is comprised of 133 students, about 7% of the incoming freshman class.

What are some benefits of being in Honors?

Most students cite the small class size of honors sections, and the chance to get to know faculty and classmates well, as the main benefits of Honors. In addition, first-year Honors Scholars live in Honors Housing if they choose to live on campus. The main Honors residence hall is Honors House. This is a living and learning community - living in the same residence hall encourages community and supports academic success. You will have the same classes as many of your fellow Honors Scholars who live in Honors House (or in the nearby Honors housing in I-House and Cornerstone). Second and third year students often choose to maintain the honors living-learning community. Second-year students may live in the Honors Wing of Seahawk Crossing.

First-year students are assigned an Honors Mentor to help facilitate your success during you first year at the university. Honors Scholars are encouraged to participate in cultural events at UNCW and in the Wilmington community and we often have free tickets for you! Click here to see current cultural events that Honors Scholars are attending. What's more, Honors Scholars have the privilege of priority registration, meaning they are able to sign up for classes on the day after seniors.

Can I study abroad while in Honors?

Yes, we encourage all of our Honors Scholars to study abroad. Click here for information about studying abroad with the Honors College, or here to go to the website for the Office of International Programs.

What is the average class size of an Honors class?

Honors class sizes are relatively small, typically 20 or fewer students. This helps you develop close interactions with the faculty from your very first semester. Click here to see a listing of current Honors courses.

Can I visit the Honors College?

We would love to have you as a visitor! Click here to set up an appointment to visit the Honors College.

Is an interview required?

No, but if you are able to visit, we can schedule time to meet with you, a class for you to visit, a trip to the honors house, and other opportunities to make the visit a full experience at UNCW. Be sure to first go to the UNCW Admissions homepage to register your visit to UNCW.

Where is the office of the Honors College located?

We are located in Randall Library on the second floor, Suite 2006. Our mailing address is:

Honors College, 601 South College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403-5958

What if I have more questions?

Many of your questions are addressed in the Honors Student Handbook . If you have a question that is still not answered, please do not hesitate to call the Honors College at 910-962-4181.