Yixin Chen, Associate Professor

Morton Hall 230 | 910.962.3310 |cheny@uncw.edu

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Dr. Yixin Chen received his Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis in 1995.  His area of specialty is twentieth-century Chinese socioeconomic history, especially in the rural economy.  He also does research on comparative modernization and on China’s Cultural Revolution.  He has co-authored a book Paths To Modern Nations in Chinese, and he has also published articles in English and in Chinese, on Journal of China Scholarship, Journal of Contemporary China, Journal of Twenty-first Century, and Journal of Chinese Economic History.  His work in progress is “State and Agriculture in Republican China,” which examines the fundamental problems of China’s agricultural economy in the first half of the 20th century and efforts that the Nationalist state made to resolve them.

Dr. Chen teaches a variety of courses in East Asian history, including HST 360, “History of Modern China;” HST 361, “History of Japan;” HST 363, “History of Pre-modern East Asia;” and HST 365, “History of modern East Asia.”  He also teaches seminars in East Asian history, and the seminar topics include “Comparative Modernization of Japan and China;” “History of Twentieth-century China;” “Modern East Asian Women;” “East Asia Since 1945;” and “US and China, 1840-2000.”  He teaches the basic global history survey course, HST 103, “Introduction to Global History Since 1500.”



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