Deadline for fall admission: February 15.
The History Graduate Committee begins looking at applications on March 1 (or before if possible). Applicants should have ALL their material in to the UNCW Graduate School by February 15 as it takes two weeks or more to process them. The Graduate School does not send an application to the History Graduate Committee until the application is complete. So applicants should stay on top of their application and ensure that ALL transcripts, scores, letters of recommendations and such have been sent in to the UNCW Graduate School (NOT the History Department) by Feb. 15 or earlier if at all possible. While the HIstory Graduate Committee will continue to review applications that come in after March 1, failure to have this material in on time could easily result in your application not being reviewed by the History Graduate Committee for many more weeks. It could also result in an applicant being turned down for lack of space in the program. 

Deadline for spring admission: TBA.

Please note: These are hard deadlines . All required forms, scores, papers and application materials MUST be completed and in to the UNCW Graduate School by the above dates as it takes about two weeks for the UNCW Graduate Program to process fully an application. Please manage your time and the mail accordingly.  

For questions about the UNCW Graduate Program, email:; or call 910-962-3135

Click here for a Graduate Application form.


This is information may be useful to students currently in the History Graduate Program 

Fall 2014

Language exam: Friday September 12, 3:30pm Morton 212

Comprehensive exams: December 4, 9-1pm Bear Hall 164

Thesis Defense Deadline: May 2, by 5pm

Last day to submit completed Thesis to the Graduate School: Friday, May 3, 5pm

TBA as students contact me. May 4 is the last day defenses can take place. This is a hard deadline.


Note: You should have a completed rough draft to your Thesis Committee members by the first day of the semester you plan to graduate. So for this Spring, your committee members should have a rough draft by early January.

Jan 12- Mar 21 – Work with thesis directors on completing thesis

Mar 21 – Last day to submit completed draft to your all members of your thesis committee

Apr 1 – Draft returned to student for correction by comm.

Apr 20 – Revised completed electronic thesis draft (PDF) to Graduate School ( w/Format Approval Sheet. Get draft to thesis committee members, too. With “format approval sheet.” Return completed draft to all committee members for their approval before submitting to graduate school.  Graduate school will assess format and suitability of manuscript for defense. Make copy of signed FAS and put in Dr. La Vere’s mailbox.

May 4 - Final day to conduct defense. This is a hard deadline. No exceptions. You miss it, you graduate next semester.  *Don’t forget Thanksgiving Holidays!

May 6 - Final Electronic Thesis copy to Graduate School ( Thesis must full complete by this time. Also a hard deadline.

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