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Fall 2013 Welcome Back History Majors!


Come to our “Welcome Back Faculty and Student Donut Feast” in the main history hallway (in front of the main office) Wednesday AM, August 28, 10-noon.


Welcome Dr. Nathan Crowe, our new History of Science assistant professor. His Ph. D. is from the University of Minnesota, and he was teaching and working on a digital history project (“The Embryo Project”) at Arizona State. Dr. Crowe is an expert in the history of 20th century biology, and the history of cloning.

Dr. Gao Bei is new this year, she comes to us from the College of Charleston. She is offering both History and International Studies courses—her fall class in History is HST 377, The Cold War in Asia, and would be great for History/International Studies double majors/minors

Dr. Pollard returns from a research reassignment; make sure you welcome her back (and congratulate her on winning the University’s highest award for community service last Fall, while she was away!

New Classes:

Some great offerings this Fall, including our ongoing “Readings” colloquium with Drs. Mehl and McCarthy, as well as Drs. Usilton and Fonvielle.

Four new classes at the 200-level—remember you can only count ONE 250 and above class “up” towards your 300 requirement!

HST 250, Dr. LaVere—North Carolina Indians

Two History 270s (which also count as “living in a Global Society” for University Studies: Dr. Stone-Gordon’s History of Tourism, and Dr. Harris’s The Black Power Movement

Dr. Usilton is offering an HST 295, Sport and Recreation in the Ancient World.

Dr. Crowe offers the following on his HST 329 "Race, Religion, and Politics in Modern Science:" "In this course we will analyze five significant cases in which science, religion, race, and politics have become tangled within several current debates. They include: evolution and creationism/intelligent design; scientific racism; climate change; cloning and stem cells; and issues surrounding genes, patents, and consent. We will focus on the historical underpinnings of these debates and in doing so will find that many of the issues at the heart of these debates are not new nor should we see "science" as separated from our wider society – science is as much a product of our social and political world as our ideas of race and religion."


Independent study: If you have an idea for a project or paper you’d be interested in starting, expanding, or perfecting, contact a faculty member you know, or the undergraduate coordinator (Dr. Bredbenner). Independent studies (HST 491) are flexible, and offer great opportunities to demonstrate and strengthen your ability to take on challenges. Graduate programs and employers value these experiences.

Research Assistants: We have a few opportunities right now for interested students to assist faculty in their research projects. (HST 291) You can get credit, deepen your historical knowledge, learn more about how history is done by professionals, and gain valuable work experience, all at the same time. Contact the undergraduate coordinator or your advisor for details.

Honors and scholarships: Increase the value of your degree!--You may qualify to undertake a year-long honors project, if your GPA is at least 3.2. Six credits are extended (including credit for one seminar course) for faculty-directed work on a topic of your choosing. (HST 499) Check with your advisor or the undergraduate coordinator if you are interested. But applications for projects have to be in place by August 26, so move fast!

Advising Note:

Make sure you keep a close eye on your degree audits, as new requirements in University Studies require some tracking. Your advisor can help!


--See Dr. Usilton if you are interested in the history club

The Sherman Lecture this fall will be on October 3 at 7:30 in Burney center—it will feature Matthew Gillett, who prosecutes for the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands. Should be very interesting—watch for more details soon.

Have a great semester!

Watch this space for updates on

--Fall advising

--upcoming speakers and department events




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