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Upcom ing Events

International Studies will be offering 4 upper level courses in Fall 2016. Check them out.

Word from Abroad!

McKenzie LeFlore's blog from Marseille.

Nate Blocker's Peace Corps adventure.


Sawyer Thomas successfully defended her Honors Thesis, "The Effects of Religious and Cultural Values on Fertility Rates and Human Population Growth" on April 28, 2016.

Recent grad James Bailey has been accepted into the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. Congratulations!

Recent grad Nate Blocker is off to Ukraine as part of the Peace Corps!

Majoring or Minoring

Here is how to declare International Studies as your major or minor.. If you have any questions, email, phone, or drop by the International Studies office to talk to the director.


Multiple sections of INT 105: Introduction to International Studies will be offered Fall 2016. Online section will be offered during summer 1 and 2 in 2016. And as mentioned above there are four new INT courses. Two sections INT 300 will be offered in the Fall, one in the Spring; One section of INT 490 will be offered in the Fall, two in the Spring.

Director's / Advisor's Office Hours

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 to 1:00 in Leutze Hall 217.

Email or call 962-3701 to make an appointment to meet at other times.

Follow us on twitter: @IntStudiesUNCW

International Studies

As it fundamentally changes the world, globalization restructures the way states, societies, communities, and individuals relate to one another, creating new challenges that cannot be met by nations or markets alone nor understood and overcome using merely one disciplinary perspective. International Studies is an interdisciplinary major that focuses on social transformation and innovative responses to seemingly intractable global problems. International Studies students learn to think across disciplines, to move between the the local and the global, and not to lose sight of the realities of human lives at the center of our investigations.

One of UNCW's strategic goals is to "Create an educational environment that prepares our students to be global citizens." Students are prepared to face these global issues, and bring about a more just and equitable world. But just as important is the goal to prepare students to be competitive in the global workforce. Occupations and professions in a variety of settings increasingly emphasize global knowledge, skills, and experience.

The International Studies major is designed specifically to meet these goals by offering an interdisciplinary bachelor's degree that provides a distinctive international learning experience for UNCW students. The integrative program curriculum will provide students with:

  • A focus on a particular international theme or geographic area of concentration;
  • Exposure to other cultures, people, and places;
  • An understanding of one’s own culture from international perspectives
  • A deeper appreciation of the global society.

Thematic Concentrations

An international perspective recognizes that many issues cross borders and continents. Therefore, students can concentrate their studies of various global themes:

Flags of the world with U.S. Flag in center

Examining the world outside the United States


Regional Concentrations

Students can also concentrate their studies on the politics, economics, langagues, cultures, literatures of a particular region of the world. The thematic concentrations include:


You must be the change you wish to see in the world. - Mohandas Gandhi.

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