Mission Statement

To develop and increase the international dimension of the UNCW campus. This is accomplished by fostering programs and services for international students; helping UNCW students to participate in study abroad programs; assisting UNCW faculty in their teaching, research, and scholarship abroad; developing and strengthening educational linkages with international partners so as to create opportunities for student, faculty, and staff exchanges; identifying and obtaining resources to further the internationalization of UNCW, and by enhancing and expanding international and global opportunities and resources on campus and in the surrounding community.

Why Go Global?

In today’s collaborative, global, innovation age, an international education is an integral part of the pathway to global citizenship. To that end, UNCW is committed to developing global citizens who:

To facilitate reaching the strategic goal of developing and graduating global citizens, UNCW offers study abroad programs for undergraduate and graduate students, nurtures international professional development on the part of the faculty, promotes a global curriculum, hosts international students studying at UNCW, and supports on-campus extra-curricular international programming.

Each member of the university community benefits from taking advantage of UNCW’s global programming.

A global education offers students the opportunity to:

Global immersion provides faculty and staff with the opportunity to:

*The definition outlined above situates UNCW in the national dialogue that is currently underway regarding global citizenship. The three abovementioned bullets are distilled from a much more detailed definition found in the ACE publication called At Home in the World.


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