Housing & Dining

Housing & Dining

Students will be housed in the on-campus River Apartments where each bedroom
has an en-suite bathroom. Students will live together in single-sex apartments. A
typical apartment has five bedrooms opening onto a shared living space that includes a kitchenette and living room. Kitchens are stocked with basics for all students to share.
A pillow, duvet, and duvet cover* will be in each room.

A little welcome packet of a towel, soap, and toilet paper will tide you over until you
can buy these toiletries on your own.

Toiletries and additional bedding can be bought in nearby stores such as Dunnes, Kelso,
Heatons and Tesco which are all in Maynooth. So, if you need another blanket it's
probably better to plan on buying one there rather than packing one in your suitcase.
Given the airline restrictions on luggage weight, you want your suitcase to be filled
with essentials.

Residents with personal computers also have internet access in their own room.
Wi-Fi is available throughout River apartments.

*A duvet is a comforter or blanket. A duvet cover is the protective bedding that slips over the duvet.

River Apartment Kitchen

Meals and Day-to-Day Needs

Two coordinating plans are in place to cover most of your meals during the program.

The Maynooth meal plan

Details regarding the Maynooth meal plan are currently being finalized by our colleagues at Maynooth. Minimally, this meal plan will include 2 meals/day for 13 weeks.

Weekly allowance

In addition, students will be assisted in opening an Irish bank account upon arrival and will receive a weekly allowance of €30 to their Irish debit card to pay for other expenses such as evening and weekend meals, toiletries, incidental expenses, etc. For study week, students will receive an allowance of €70 to account to compensate for the fact that the Maynooth meal plan will not be running that week.

As part of the orientation program, the entire group will take cooking classes to get accustomed to cooking for yourselves for the time not covered by the meal plan and in case you don't want to go to restaurants.

Students will also receive a budgeting session as part of their orientation to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to manage their allowance effectively.

There will be a welcome dinner for the UNCW FYSA group during orientation week in a local restaurant in Maynooth.

Off-campus dining (for evenings/weekends):

On-campus facilities are not open on the weekends. There are numerous affordable options.
The majority of Maynooth students living on-campus cook in the apartments. They have the
facilities and it saves money. Several supermarkets are within walking distance:

  • Aldi (less than 5 mins walk)
  • Dunnes Stores (5 mins walk)
  • Tesco (12-15min walk) (open 6am-midnight)
  • Supervalu (10 mins)

There are also many cafes, pubs and restaurants in Maynooth.

Cafe's:Bon Bon, Coffee Mill, Coffee Lounge, O'Brien's, Bagel Factory, Chill Downtown,
Twist, Elite, Tansey's

Restaurants:The Avenue, Picaderos, The Gatehouse, Bistro 53, Donatello's, Stone Haven,
The Orient, Royal City

Take Away/Fast food:Abrakebabra, Maximus, Supermacs, McDonald's, Rebel Pizza,
Mizzoni Pizza

Pubs (all serve food):The Roost (very popular with students - student dinner deal every
day for approx €7, roast dinner €10 or soup & sandwich/Panini €6), Brady's, O'Neills,

Day-to-day needs

In Maynooth town you'll be able to take care of all of your day-to-day needs.

In addition to the supermarkets and restaurants mentioned above, Maynooth has a pharmacy,
health food shop, computer shop, clothes stores, butcher's, Euroshops*, four banks, jewellers,
hairdressers, doctors, sports shop, police station, etc. etc.

*A Euroshop is Ireland's version of a Dollar General Store. They sell almost everything there,
from sweets to food to stationary to cleaning products to toiletries! And almost everything is
1, 2 or 3 euro. There are 2 Euro shops in Maynooth. Check out their Facebook page.