Aerial photo of UNCW

UNCW Campus is located less than 15 minutes from an international airport (ILM) and beach.

Request Airport Pick-up

The Office of International Programs (OIP) can pick you up from the Wilmington airport (airport code: ILM) if your flight arrives on January 3rd or 4th. See below for more information.

Volunteers provide free airport pick-up, January 3 - 4

Request the free pick-up service through the Airport Pick-up Request form. You are allowed to login and change your arrival information through December 4th. Our volunteer drivers will pick up students whose flights are scheduled to arrive between 8 am and midnight, January 3rd & 4th.

Form Closes December 4

The airport pick-up request form will close on August 1st as we begin arranging the airport pick-up schedules for our volunteer drivers. Due to our volunteer drivers' schedules, we will be unable to accept airport pick-up requests after December 4th.

Arriving before January 4th

Your J1 visa status allows you to enter the US 30 days before the start date of your DS-2019. While on-campus housing does not open until January 4th, we realize you may wish to arrive before that date. Below are options for planning your arrival before on-campus housing opens

Special Hotel Discount at Comfort Inn University

If you plan to arrive on January 3rd or earlier, you can rent a room at Comfort Inn University at the special rate of $76.46 for the night (this is for either a single or a double room). To qualify for the special rate, you must call 1-910-791-4841 and request the UNCW Student Rate. Since the room rate is the same for doubles as singles, you may choose to connect with each other via Facebook and make arrangements to share a room and costs with other incoming students. If you arrive early, you will be responsible for arranging your own meals and lodging until campus housing opens.

Other Hotel Discounts for UNCW Students

If you prefer a different hotel, you can still ask if there is a discount for being a UNCW student. To search through area Wilmington hotels, you may want to explore for hotel information and or for rental car information.

Discouraged, Spending the Night in the Airport (ILM)

Wilmington's local airport, 'ILM,' is quite small. If you look lost or need help, the friendly staff will try to help you. If you feel adventurous and try to spend the night in the airport, the friendly staff will try to help you find a hotel or call UNCW campus police (who will call the International Programs staff at home) to try to find you a place to stay for the night. If you arrive before January 4th, please make plans to stay at a nearby hotel.

Other Airport Transportation Options

There are rental car agents inside the airport terminal and taxis are available just outside. It costs approximately $20 for a taxi ride from the airport to campus. If you arrive early, you will be responsible for arranging your own meals and lodging until campus housing opens.