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Sammy the Seahawk has been UNCW's mascot since 1947.

UNCW Immunization Requirements

North Carolina law requires that all students have a complete immunization record on file before attending class. Read below for help completing the UNCW Immunization form.

UNCW Immunization & Medical History form

Bring the UNCW Immunization & Medical History form to your doctor and have him/her verify your immunization record and administer any immunizations you may be missing.

Immunization & Medical History form (pdf)

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Help Completing UNCW's Immunization & Medical History Form

Picture Guide to Completing the Immunization Record (p. 4)

Go to the Immunization Record tips (pdf)

Sample p. 4, Immunization Record (pdf)

(the sample form is marked with reminders to help you complete it accurately)

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Purchase Missing Vaccines at UNCW

If you are missing any of your required immunizations, you may purchase the remaining vaccines at UNCW Student Health Center after you arrive. The UNCW Student Health Center's costs of the vaccinations are listed below (prices current as of June 2014).

  • Tetanus vaccines (Tdap or DTP) - $40
    • (if you have no record of a tetanus vaccine, you can obtain 1 when you arrive, and 30 days later you can receive a different type of the vaccine)
  • MMR - $65
    • (if you have no MMRs on your record, you can obtain 1 when you arrive, and 30 days later you can obtain another)
  • Meningitis vaccine - $115
    • You have the option of either purchasing the vaccine or signing the waiver saying you understand the risks of not being vaccinated against meningitis.
  • PPD skin test - $15
  • Hepatitis B vaccine - $40
    • (if you have no record of Hebatits B vaccines, you can obtain 1 when you arrive, and then obtain the remaining vaccines (3 total) 1 month and 6 months later)

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Submit Your Immunization Form by Email

Incoming international exchange students may submit their records to their international student adviser, Amy Mabery. Your international student adviser will notify you of any immunizations you may be missing before sending your records to the UNCW Student Health Center.

If you wish to send your documents directly to the UNCW Student Health Center, you may fax them 910-962-4130. Please let your international student adviser know that your forms were sent directly to the Student Health Center.

Please also keep a copy of the Immunization & Medical History form for your own records and bring it with you to campus. If your original form gets lost, your copy is the only way to prove that you’ve had the necessary immunizations.

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