UNCW on-campus dorm room

Most exchange students will be placed in a double occupancy dorm room. Living on-campus is a significant part of the U.S. university experience.

Reserve On-Campus Housing

You are eligible to register for on-campus housing AFTER you have been admitted to UNCW. You will receive notification of your admission along with your UNCW ID number and email address through an email from your UNCW International Student Adviser.

Reserving your on-campus housing

How-To reserve your on-campus housing

  1. Login to My Seaport using your UNCW login and password.
  2. Go to the Student Services tab at the top of the screen.
  3. On the left side, under 'Services' Click 'Housing Contract, Fee Payment & Services'
  4. Follow the prompts to:
    1. Sign the Contract & Agree to the $105 contract fee.
    2. Students will be placed in the first available space - Exchange students will be assigned premium single rooms in either Seahawk Landing, Seahawk Village, or Seahawk Crossing.  If you preferred to be placed in a cheaper shared bedroom (2 people to a bedroom, almost $500 less expensive per semester), please let your international student advisor know. Due to the limited number of housing spaces available on-campus, exchange students will be placed in the first available space and will not be able to choose their preferred housing community.
  5. Pictures of the housing sign-up portal - if you need help, review these screen shots of the housing sign-up portal to help you navigate the system.

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Looking up your room and roommate assignment

After the UNCW Office of Housing receives your contract fee, they start the process to assign you to a room. Assigning rooms is a complex process that takes time to complete. You should be able to look up your room and roommate assignment by July.

Looking up your UNCW Room/Roommate Assignment through My Seaport (PDF)

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What if I can't see my room/roommate assignment?

Even if you cannot yet see your room assignment, international exchange students can have confidence that their room request are being processed as long as they paid their housing contract fee by the deadline.

Term of Classes Room assignments are finalized and ready to view (Approximately)
Fall (August - December) early July
Spring (January - May) early December

If you have reached the time when your housing assignment SHOULD be visible (refer to the table above) but is not, you may email your UNCW International Student Adviser and ask her to investigate.

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UNCW On-Campus Housing: The Experience

By living in the residence halls, you have an exciting opportunity to grow and find meaning through friendships, exploration of ideas, and involvement in the residential community and the university as a whole. We believe that the residence halls are more than just a place to sleep. We view residential living as an experience in human relations. Thus, we believe a positive experience in group living, decision-making, self-discipline and self-governance is being offered to you (excerpt from UNCW's Guide to On-Campus Living).

Costs, On-Campus Housing

  • All applicants must pay a $105 contract fee
  • Single room in the premium Seahawk spaces: - $3,689 per semester
  • Less expenses shared bedroom (2 people to a room) - $3,028 per semester

Important Dates - On-campus housing

August 12: on-campus housing move-in

On-Campus housing opens for student move-in on August 12th. If you wish to arrive before that date, you will be responsible for your own housing & meals until on-campus housing opens. See the 'Request Airport Pick-Up' page for hotel suggestions.

October 5-8: Fall Break

UNCW will be observing Fall break from October 5 - 8. During break, many residence halls will be closed to students. However, international student designated Apartments and Suites will stay open.

Limited dining options - most on-campus dining facilities will close during break. Therefore, if you plan to stay on campus, you will need to plan your meal schedule to coincide with the available open dining facilities.

December 9: On-campus housing closes

December 9 - on-campus housing closes for ONE semester only students.  On-campus housing will close the day after the last exam for Fall semester, All Fall semester only students must move out of the dormitory by this day.

Between Fall and Spring semesters - Students staying for both Fall and Spring semesters may leave their belongings in their dorm room over the winter break. However, since most on-campus services will be closed, students staying in the U.S. a second semester are strongly encouraged to make plans off campus during the winter break.

At the end of Spring semester - All students must move off-campus at the end of Spring semester.  UNCW does not have any housing for students during the 3 month summer break between Spring and Fall Semesters.

Off-Campus Housing

Exchange students may choose to live off-campus. However, the Office of International Programs cannot coordinate off-campus arrangements for students. The UNCW Seahawk Perch Off-Campus Housing Ad Service provides recommendations for students looking for Off-Campus Housing.

If you will be living off-campus, please remember that YOU will be responsible for the items below:

  1. Finding your own off-campus apartment: Since Wilmington is spread out and public transportation is poor, it is best to find an apartment off either Racine or McMilan drive since they are within walking distance of UNCW.
  2. Signing your own lease/contract: Most apartment require a contract for a specific amount of time (usually 1 year). Read the contract carefully. Be sure to ask for a shorter lease if you will not being staying for a whole year.
  3. Furnishing your own apartment: Few apartments come with sofas, TVs, beds, or cooking equipment. You will need to supply these items for yourself.
  4. Setting up utilities in your own name: Students renting an apartment usually must contract directly with the utility company to set-up electricity, water, and cable. Most utility companies require a deposit when starting their services.
  5. Finding and interviewing roommates: If you wish to have roommates to help you share the cost of your apartment, you will be responsible for finding your own roommates and determining if they will be suitable.