Teal Email Archive FAQs

Why should I use the Teal Email Archive? What are the benefits?

How do I access the Teal Email Archive?

Is there a recommended browser for the Teal Email Archive?

While the Teal Email Archive works with various browsers, we recommend the following for the best experience:

When will my email appear in the Teal Email Archive? 

Is all my email in the Teal Email Archive? (How far back does it go?)

Will the Teal Email Archive include everything in my mailbox, including deleted and sent items?

Am I required to use the Teal Email Archive?

Why is UNCW archiving my email?

Can I delete email or folders from the Teal Email Archive?

Can I move folders around or rename them in the Teal Email Archive?

Why do I see duplicate items in my Teal Email Archive?

When I use the search tool, it is only searching for the past 6 months. How do I expand this feature to search for more than 6 months?  

Where can I find training materials?

How do I locate PST files on my computer?


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